Erg, started three wind farms between UK and France

    Erg, started three wind farms between UK and France
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    Erg continues its growth abroad with the launch of three wind farms between the UK and France that will make their full contribution in 2022. In particular, there are wind farms in Craiggore and Evishagaran, in the county of Londonderry in Northern Ireland, with a capacity of 23.5 MW and 46.8 MW respectively With a total of 70.3 megawatts. Added to this is the start-up of the 7MW Vallée dell’Aa wind farm in Pas-de-Calais in Upper France.

    The parks, developed and built in-house, will have a full capacity of about 268 GWh per year, which makes it possible to avoid the emission of 130 thousand tons of carbon dioxide per year.

    Paolo Merly, CEO of Erg, emphasized that “France and the United Kingdom are priority markets for the geographic diversification strategy in which the group will strengthen its presence in Europe.”

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