Enough with the usual cans of salmon at Christmas, here’s how to prepare 3 original and delicious ones

    Enough with the usual cans of salmon at Christmas, here's how to prepare 3 original and delicious ones

    Among the classic holiday appetizers, you can’t miss the salmon entree. But why limit yourself to seasoning it with butter and lemon? There are simple but less common alternatives that are sure to impress guests.

    Enough with the usual cans of Christmas salmon, here’s how to prepare 3 original and tasty ones.

    Fresh green touch

    At Christmas, it is good to respect traditions. But even offering some small news wouldn’t hurt! for example Dates can be served not at the end of the meal, but as an ingredient in a savory appetizer. or You can decorate the table not with the usual poinsettia, but with an original and refined plant.

    Another idea to add some exclusivity to your Christmas menu is to revisit the great classics. Salmon entrees, in particular, are made even more appealing with a few simple additions.

    The simplest solution is to serve the plain appetizer with smoked salmon, butter (or cheese) and lemon juice. But without forgetting a secret touch that acts as an appetizer and enhances the flavor of the salmon.

    It’s a block of dill leaves. In Scandinavia, these are aromatic herbs that are often combined with salmon. Alternatively, you can use wild fennel, whose flavor is similar to that of dill.

    In addition to this simple addition, there are other variations that make salmon appetizer even more appetizing. Here are some suggestions.

    Enough with the usual cans of salmon at Christmas, here’s how to prepare 3 original and delicious ones

    The first alternative is to prepare cans of avocado and salmon. Simply crush the avocado pulp to get the cream, adding three tablespoons of olive oil, the juice of half a lemon, and salt and pepper. Spread the cream over the appetizer, then place a slice of salmon on top.

    The second delicious version combines the taste of salmon and the aroma of citrus fruits. In this case, a light cream is prepared with robiola, adding a little grated orange and lemon peel. Spread cheese on bread, add salmon and sprinkle with lemon juice.

    Finally, cans of salmon can be enriched with a particularly original ingredient: green apples. Just cut the fruit into very thin slices and season with lemon juice so it doesn’t turn black. In a bowl, put a little fresh cheese with olive oil and lemon. Spread the obtained cream over the appetizer, put salmon and a slice of apple on it and sprinkle with pink pepper.

    Here are three original alternatives that will leave guests speechless!


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