Home sport England, cyclists can portray those driving in a dangerous way

England, cyclists can portray those driving in a dangerous way

England, cyclists can portray those driving in a dangerous way

at England, In Devon County, is found in newer terms Road traffic control coinvolge i Cyclists and turn them into bouncers Armed with paparazzi cameras those who do not respect Traffic Laws.

Eyes on the street

Called initiative Capture process, Launched in the summer of 2020 and invites cyclists with dash cameras (those who wear a helmet) to Filming dangerous driving scenes or other violations, To provide Police video And punish the guilty. In Devon County, which is full of winding and narrow country lanes, bicycles often get in trouble with other cars and send them in Many reports to dealerships. Thus, the official goal is to increase the safety of cyclists, even if some doubts arise.

Auto notification

Stuart HughesA member of Devon County Road Management Board said:This test was performed because we have seen many reports of motorists not knowing the safe distance to leave when overtaking and crossing cyclists.. If they have witnessed dangerous driving, they are sure that they can upload their footage to the Snap process. The cameras look like helmet-mounted lights so they’re not particularly noticeable, but we do want motorists Be aware that nearby paths are likely to be taped“.

Confident and discreet

If the number of reports decreased – resulting in a successful operation – the initiative could be It extended to the entire United Kingdom. Certainly, the number of driver fines will increase, with clear economic consequences for county coffers, and we don’t want that to be the biggest incentive. On the other hand, many eyes see more things and – we add – Rivalry between motorists and cyclists He was always persistent with some people complaining about the danger of others, and vice versa. What if we met our unbearable neighborWhile we are walking quietly on our bike? A reason to report it rest assured, We will find it.

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