Home Economy Enel closes in the red (-1.3%)

Enel closes in the red (-1.3%)

Enel closes in the red (-1.3%)

enel_21Enel One of the worst shows recorded today is on FTSEMib. The electricity giant’s stake was left 1.27% on the ground at 8,447 euros, just above the daily minimum of 8,412 euros.

The electric giant has informed me Preliminary financial results for 2020The year ended with revenues of 65 billion euros, down 19.1% compared to 80.33 billion euros achieved in the previous year. The normal gross operating margin was € 17.9 billion, in line with € 17.91 billion for 2019. Ebitda’s gross operating margin, which includes the effects of unusual transactions, was € 16.8 billion (€ 17.7 billion in 2019, -5.1%). At the end of 2020, net debt grew to 45.4 billion euros, compared to 45.18 billion at the beginning of the year. The consensus of analysts indicated that gross operating profit amounted to 17.97 billion euros (an estimated range of 17.53 billion to 18.28 billion euros), while net debt at the end of 2020 was estimated at 49 billion euros.

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