End of service gratuity, here’s how it is calculated on salaries from 1,000 to 2,000 euros

    End of service gratuity, here's how it is calculated on salaries from 1,000 to 2,000 euros

    Here are some characteristics that not everyone knows about severance pay: severance pay, even when it can be earned.

    We rely on accountants for all overtime calculations. We know our salary, but we often aren’t good at calculating more comprehensive things, like net salary for billing. But we would also like to understand what will happen to us TfrEven if we’re not in a hurry. Is it possible in this case to take the account?

    EUR (Pixabay)
    EUR (Pixabay)

    Help us, calculate businessonline.it. Today, however, let’s turn specifically to salaries, which range from 1,000 to 2,000 euros per month. Thus, this is the first calculation: for an income of 20 thousand euros a year, after 35 years of work we will receive severance pay of about 37 thousand euros. On the other hand, if we can count on double the income, the final tally will be almost double, to 70 thousand euros.

    Low pensions, up to an additional 1,800 euros per year for those who submit this form to the post office

    Severance pay: This is the amount he will reach at the end of the job

    the severance pay It is also called liquidation, and it is the right of the worker, once a secondary employment relationship is terminated, to receive an amount due from month to month while working. For the provisions valid at the moment, every worker in the private sector, with a period of service equal to at least 6 months, with the exception of agricultural or domestic companies or companies subject to insolvency proceedings or in crisis, will be entitled to their Tfr application.

    But if we want to dwell on the numbers, here are the examples for us. Let’s do a math on a job that’s over yet 35 years. For an annual gross salary of €20,000 we have to calculate €1,382 as gross annual severance pay, with 23.4% of the applicable rate, and €1059 of net annual severance pay. Conclusion: €37,065 net severance pay after 35 years of employment. Let’s say instead that the salary brings us €40,000 of the gross annual salary. We would end up with €2.764 of gross severance pay, at 26.9% of the applicable rate, €2,020 (annual net severance indemnity), and thus, specifically, €70,700 of net severance pay, back in the 35th year of operation.

    Working in human resources, a responsible but well-paid career

    And here at least, how we try to calculate it. You may also need it How to calculate the costs of a mortgage and understand whether it can be obtained. But we also want to understand something else. Maybe Claim your severance pay before our career ends? Yes, there are also some requirements that protect the employer, so that this phenomenon does not last long. However, in the event of resignation or dismissal, the same regulations also help the worker, in some cases. In fact, this can take his entitlement, if the minimum due to him is 8 years of service with the same employer.

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