End of freeze, Ascom: ‘A thousand Bergamo companies at risk of closure’

    End of freeze, Ascom: 'A thousand Bergamo companies at risk of closure'

    About a thousand companies from Bergamo are at risk of closure due to the expiration of the moratorium scheduled for next December 31. The suspension of suspended loans and mortgages introduced by the decree of “Corra Italia” and later extended with the obligation to pay the interest-only bond, is about to expire, forcing companies to return to repay their debts in full and regular installments. A problem, as Oscar Fausini, director of Ascom Bergamo explains: “Faced with a trend in revenue that in some sectors is still 50 or 60% compared to the normal case, this means the introduction of economic difficulty that could lead to bankruptcy and then closing.” Tourism remains the most difficult sector, with very low revenues and a liquidity index that is still well below the average for the tertiary sector which are small businesses, those with up to five employees and suffering the most. For this reason, Ascom Bergamo is asking to step in, not so much on an additional extension, but on an installment extension for those who need more time to recover from the crisis, as Fausini explains: “It is not an extension that reduces the merit class of those with debt, making them a bad creditor. , but as an extension of the term, financially covered to avoid bankruptcy and allow those with lower incomes to pay peacefully – he adds -. We can only consider that entrepreneurs in difficulty are more vulnerable to crime.

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