Emanuela Orlandi, Brother Pietro will be received by the Vatican as the promoter of justice

    Emanuela Orlandi, Brother Pietro will be received by the Vatican as the promoter of justice

    L’Next Tuesday, the Office of the Promoter of Justice in the Vatican will receive Emanuela Orlandi’s brother, Pietro. The meeting – according to Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni – was at the request of the latter, who would be accompanied by his lawyer, in order to give his statement and present any information in his possession in the context of the file opened by the Vatican justice promoter. In January this year, following some recent statements about the disappearance of his sister.

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    The promoter’s office confirms “the desire of the Holy See to shed light on the matter, also in light of the recent statements of Pietro Orlandi, and to take every possible measure in order to come up with an accurate reconstruction of the events, as far as it is responsible,” the Vatican spokesman explains again.

    The family of Emanuela Orlandi, through the lawyer Laura Sgro, gives a voice to their satisfaction about the meeting: “We are happy. For years – notes the lawyer to Adnkronos – we have asked to be able to meet also the spirit of His Holiness who has been invited to address the promoter of justice. We hope it will be a fruitful moment To participate and seek the truth. The Promoter’s Office reaffirms the Holy See’s willingness to highlight the story of the Vatican writer’s daughter who disappeared into thin air forty years ago, also in light of recent statements by Pietro Orlandi. Is the reference to the London track? “We – says the lawyer Sgrò – will give the promoter all the information we have with a view to sharing it. We hope and believe in the Pope’s will to make things clear. We are available to the promoter’s office from a clear collaborative perspective. The intent is to bring Emanuela home, dead or alive. After 40 You should go home.”

    Certainly, Orlandi’s family attorney notes, “If a promoter announces himself in a certain way, he does so because there is a will he received from the Pope. No one would dare publicly ascribe to the Pope words that are not his.” Our goal is fruitful cooperation. We are not angry with anyone, we just want the truth that can be sought through our work and the meticulous work of investigators.”

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