Elon Musk’s shocking statement: ‘Ten months and we’ll run out of money’

    Elon Musk's shocking statement: 'Ten months and we'll run out of money'

    Tesla is in trouble, the announcement comes directly from Elon Musk as the company clearly has big losses and is no small problem.

    Elon Musk Annoys Tesla
    Difficulties of Elon Musk Tesla – Motori.News

    Elon Musk he have problem With his company, and his words are very strong about it. Tesla In difficulty is one of the things we never thought of, given the genius Automobile manufacturer in the United States. But the reality is now quite different, editor Which color I mentioned to enter 10 months you’ll run out of moneyIf they do not apply the changes On the Business Administration. Let’s see what’s going on tesla houseand the consequences at stake.

    The problems that plagued Tesla

    there Tesla He must change his way of seeing things, since expenses I very high And they will have to be Analyze it. Electric Posted an email received from house workerswho says the company will own review its expenses. musk and his Chief Financial Officer Zah Kerkhron Sound will pass by sound I CostsThen they came to a conclusion Budget friendly. it is clear that Staff coststhat was already affected.

    Tesla Factory USA
    Tesla Factory in the USA – Motori.news

    The 2019 was theTesla’s bad yearand register in First Quarter a Cash at 2 billion dollars. musk There he already started making cuts, trying to However, to increase revenue. L ‘The year ended in confusionbut the pandemic looked in favor ofThe rise of electricity so is sales. The 2020 Actually record a I wish you a good year to American companyit is a pity that I problem.

    Who will pay the consequences?

    From He will suffer the consequences more will be again Personalwhich, as in 2019Will come decreased. The 10% of the workforce will be laid offwhich is a number equal to 10 thousand employees. Needless to say yes They will prevent recruitment around the worldwith The damage is not a littleconsidering that musk It was an agreement with States Where are your companies? L ‘an agreement Provides that to do Build his own factory In this conditionneed to Employing local people And the for help So The unemployment.

    Tesla Store China
    Tesla Agency in Hong Kong, China – Motori.news

    Tesla in Census 2021 reports that in his Factories in ChinaAnd the Germany And the United States of America They work well on it 99,290 workers. there Produce It actually stands Going welland is not strongly affected by Semiconductor shortagecoming fromUkraine. The real problem comes from Wall Streetwhere is the The title is confusedApproximately 5%. musk Now he will have to apply everything he has geniusbut not in New electric carsYou will have to apply for it to save her business from losses.

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