Elon Musk pays him the blue check on Twitter-Corriere.it

    Elon Musk pays him the blue check on Twitter-Corriere.it

    fromPope to Oprah Winfrey And Kim Kardashian. From Katy Perry, Bill Gates and Halle Berry to Cristiano Ronaldo and BeyoncĂ©. As of today, there are many VIPs who suddenly find themselves without a blue check on Twitter. After all, their choice, he said Elon Musk. The billionaire put them at a crossroads: Pay the $8 monthly subscription to keep the check or say goodbye. Dictations that many did not understand, and they decided to boycott the initiative of the current owner of the social network. LeBron James was also clearWell, I guess my tick will soon be gone, because if you know me so well, you’ll know I’m not going to pay the fee,” the Lakers champ tweeted at the end of March, Known in the United States and not only for his stinginess. But, despite this, the blue selection of the all-time leading scorer in the NBA is still clearly visible.

    The subscription is paid for by Elon Musk

    As revealed by the report the edge – US website for news, stories, guides, product reviews and podcasts – It was Elon Musk himself who paid for the IPO on behalf of Lebron. In recent days, a Twitter employee sent him an email with unequivocal content: We will extend a free subscription on behalf of Elon Musk.. Then the latter confirmed Thursday evening with a tweet: “Yes, I pay for some of them personally.”. In short, only one James will survive, without the risk of fake accounts. The protagonist of the qualifiers vs Memphis grizzly (currently the series is 1-1), in the last game he provoked Dillon Brooks who described him as an “old man”. In Race 3 and in Race 4, both in Los Angeles, we can expect a decent showing.

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