Eliminate a lot of luxury in the round of 16 – OA Sport

    Eliminate a lot of luxury in the round of 16 - OA Sport

    The Badminton World Cup 2022 kicks off with the Round of 16 for all the champions in Tokyo. There was no shortage of feelings in metropolitan gym, The structure was chosen last year to host the Olympic Games.

    There were many fancy liquidations today starting from Dechapol Puavaranukroh / Sapsiree Taerattanachai (Thailand), The reigning champion in the mixed doubles who had to raise the white flag with a net 2-0 against the Germans Mark Lamsfuss / Isabel Lohau (Germany).

    Also disappointing for Wang Qi, the Chinese who had to make way for his compatriot with a score of 2-0. Similar result to Ratchanok Intanon (Indonesia), I came out in the women’s individual after surrendering to Al-Kindi Michelle Lee. The eighth seed in the world had to abandon the competition, a fate that also affected the Malaysian Lee Uncle Jia.

    Badminton, World Cup 2022: Kento Momota left the tournament, Denmark also exited in men’s doubles

    The latter, the Asian male champion in 2022, individually surrendered to the Chinese Zhao Junping, Ready to continue to the quarter-finals which we will be commenting on in all the scoreboards tomorrow when we find out who will compete for a place.

    Today’s results (Thursday, August 25)

    double male
    Chou T. Ch. (Taiwan) / Lee CY (Hong Kong) 2-1
    Kristi J (Indonesia) Wang TW (Taiwan) 2-0
    Axelsen (Denmark) / Thamasin (Thailand) 2-0
    Ginting AS (Indonesia) / Shi YQ (China) 2-1
    Luo Kyi (Singapore) retracts his win over Ng Ka La (Kong Kong).
    Zhao Jibei (China) / Li Zhi Jie (Malaysia) 2-1
    Sen L (India) / Pranui HS (India) 1-2
    Vitidsarn K. (Thailand) / Nishimoto K. (Japan) 2-0

    double person
    An SY / Zhang B. (US) 2-1
    Lee M. (CANDA) / Intanon R. (Thailand) 2-1
    Chochuwong Po. (Thailand) / Chen YF (China) 1-2
    Marine C (Spain) / He BJ (China) 2-1
    Han Wei (China) Wang Ziwei (China) 2-0
    Fu Thi Te (China) / Tai Tai (China) 0-2
    Yamaguchi A (Japan) / Takahashi Q (Japan) 2-0
    Ongbamrungphan B. (Thailand) / Nehwal S. (India) 2-1

    double male
    Ehsan M. / Setiawan H (Indonesia) / Lamsphos M / Schedel M (Germany) 2-0
    Gideon MF / Sukamuljo KS (Indonesia) / Lane B./Vendy S. (UK) 0-2
    MR Arjun / Kapila D (India) / Hee YKT / Loh KH (Singapore) 2-1
    Alfian F / Ardianto MR (Indonesia) / Koga A / Saito T. (Japan) 2-0
    Bay J./Moelhede L. (Denmark) / Rankireddy S./Shetty C. (India) 0-2
    Den A / Hall A (Scotland) / T-hockey / Kobayashi Wai (Japan) 0-2
    Goh SF / Azzedine N (Malaysia) / Chia A / Su Wei (Malaysia) 0-2
    Choi SG / Seo SJ (South Korea) / Lee Y./Wang Ch. (Chinese Taipei) 2-1

    double woman
    Lee SH / Shin SC (South Korea) / Hoo V./Lim Chiew S. (Malaysia) 2-0
    Kititharakul J./Prajongjai R. (Thailand) / Iwanaga R./Nakanishi K. (Japan) 2-1
    Matsumoto M / Nagahara W (Japan) / Do Wei / Lee WM (China) 2-0
    Chen QC / Jia YF (China) / Fruergaard M./Thygesen S. (Denmark) 2-0
    tan b. / Thanaah M. (Malaysia) / Matsuyama N / Shida Se (Japan) 0-2
    Jeong NE / Kim HJ (South Korea) / Kim So Yeong / Kong HY (South Korea) 0-2
    Subagiracol b. / Tiratanchai S. (Thailand) / Stoeva J. / Stueva S. (Bulgaria) 2-0
    Zhang SX / Cheng Wei (China) / Jin Wei / Wong JYC (Singapore) 2-0

    Mixed husband
    Seo SJ / Chae YJ (South Korea) / Kusharjanto RN / Kusumawati LA (Indonesia) 2-0
    Goh SH / Lai SJ (Malaysia) / Gicquel T./Delrue D. (France) 2-0
    Wang YL / Huang DB (China) / Rivalder R / Mentari BH (Indonesia) 2-0
    Tabeling R./Piek S. (Netherlands) / Watanabe Y./Higashino A. (Japan) 0-2
    Zheng SW / Huang YQ (China) / Jomkoh S./Paewsampran S. (Thailand) 2-1
    Hee YKT / Tan Wei Han Jie (Singapore) / Tang Chun Im / TsYS (Hong Kong) 0-2
    Lamsphos M / Luhau I (Germany) / Boavaranukro Dr. / Tiratanakai S. (Thailand) 2-0
    Tan Kian M / Lay PJ (Malaysia) / Yamashita K. / Shinuya Inn (Japan) 2-0

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