Electoral commitments canceled for the third day – Corriere.it

    Electoral commitments canceled for the third day – Corriere.it

    Even today, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had to cancel campaign rallies scheduled for the May 14 presidential and political elections after falling ill on live TV Tuesday night. leader of the Justice and Development Party, In power for twenty yearsHe appeared again on screen twenty minutes later, apologizing for the inconvenience and confirming that you have an intestinal infection

    Yesterday the president looked pale as he inaugurated a nuclear power plant via video In coordination with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He was supposed to be present today At the opening of the bridge and at a political meeting in the southern city of Adana but his schedule was changed to allow him to attend the opening ceremony via video link.

    The 69-year-old Turkish leader suffered Bowel surgery 2011 But since then, his health has always seemed like iron. The episode immediately sparked a chain of rumors, which were promptly denied. And Chinese television claimed, on Wednesday, in a tweet that Erdogan He had a myocardial infarction And that he was seriously in the hospital. The letter has since been withdrawn. Another rumor, without any confirmation, is that the Turkish leader has taken place Epileptic fit Because of the medications he takes to treat bowel cancer.

    Next May 14th 69 million Turks will vote to choose the new president and parliament. It’s a tightrope electoral raceAll the most credible surveys talk about face-to-face. And this is the first time, in his 20 years in power, that Erdogan is fighting for re-election.

    His main rival Kemal Kilicdaroglu, 74, has gathered six opposition parties, from the nationalists to the left, into the Nation Alliance and is campaigning Each is played in contrast between Erdogan’s strong presidency And he promised to return to the parliamentary system. Yesterday he immediately wished the head of state a “full recovery”. We belong to the same nation. As soon as I found out, I wished him well on Twitter.” Several Allied leaders did the same.

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