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Election results in Russia- Corriere.it

Election results in Russia- Corriere.it
from Fabrizio Dragosi

The first results, which are still partial, of the vote in Russia show that Putin’s party, United Russia, received more than 38 percent of the vote, down from 54 percent in 2016. There will be a boom in the votes of Communists, and there are major concerns about fraud

Putin’s party won the parliamentary electionsBut this is not news. She won them with a national percentage that is, at the moment, close to 40%. And perhaps, at the end of the poll, it will reach 45%, a figure that Kremlin strategists previously indicated as desirable. Along with another 45%, turnout. The two numbers, repeated like a mantra and then lowered to cover if things didn’t go as planned, were the right numbers: enough seats to ensure Vladimir Putin’s control of the State Duma, the lower house. They would have won at least 240. Not too big to blame allegations of fraud and vote fraud. However, there was and more will happen in the coming days. In 2016 for Putin they got 54% a miracle and street protests erupted.


In some regions of United Russia, opponent Navalny described it as Party of thieves and swindlers And very little is loved by the people, it was filled up. But even this is not news, because no one doubted that Ramzan Kadyrov, the undisputed master of Chechnya, was able to guarantee the results of the popular referendum to his patron Vladimir Vladimirovich as usual. Or that new Russian citizens of the rebellious Donbass republics will vote in droves for federal passports instead of the hated Ukrainian documents.

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The success of the communists

Also according to the predictions was the success of the Communists who returned to the new Duma with whopping 25 percent (They had 13). KPRF is the most powerful anti-regime group that has always been accepted into Parliament (as long as it does not bother the operator). The anti-Kremlin in Navalny referred above all to the communist candidates as the beneficiaries of the so-called smart vote, given that in many situations the only KPRF candidates were able to alarm United Russia. Often A fan of the blogger in prison After trying to poison (And who, of course, could not take part) grabbed their noses and put a cross on the name of the Communist in service, often much worse than the hated enemy of United Russia.

quota opponents

The Democratic opponents have targeted hard in recent months, and they have been able to do little: in fact they are aiming at most to achieve some prestigious results in the big cities. But without the ability to create real problems for Putin.

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