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Election of Cuba, China and Russia to the United Nations Human Rights Council; The United States describes it as “mockery.”

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Cuba, China and Russia were elected Tuesday to membership United Nations Human Rights Council – A move described by the United States as a “mockery” of the intended purpose of the commission and evidence that Washington was right to leave the council in 2018.

The United Nations General Assembly elected the three countries, which have a history of tyranny and human rights violations, along with countries such as Bolivia, France, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Senegal, Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom.

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Saudi Arabia was on the ballot but failed to muster sufficient support to win a seat.

The United States left the Geneva-based council in June 2018, and was described by then-UN ambassador Nikki Haley as a “protector of human rights violators and a hotbed of political bias.”

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the elections “only confirm the United States’ decision to withdraw and use other places and opportunities to protect and promote universal human rights.”

UN Ambassador Kelly Craft said she was “checking.” [Trump’s] A decision to leave that severely corrupt body. “

In the Human Rights Council, 53 countries returned to the Hong Kong Chinese Dragon suppression

“With China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela as members, the council makes fun of its intended purpose and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” she said.

Last year, the United Nations General Assembly elected Libya, Sudan, and Venezuela to the council. Kraft described the election of Venezuela, a country that suffers from poverty and human rights violations, as “embarrassment.”

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The United States has sought to repel human rights violations in China in particular, and has drawn attention to Beijing’s persecution of religious minorities in Xinjiang and its crackdown on protesters in Hong Kong. And imposed a number of sanctions on Chinese officials.

Pompeo says the UN Human Rights Council is hitting a “new level” with an anti-US resolution on race and police

“Our commitments are clearly spelled out in the United Nations declaration and in our record of actions,” Pompeo said. “The United States is and always will be a force for good in the world.”

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Meanwhile, the Chinese mission welcomed the move, saying it “sincerely appreciates the strong support of the broad UN members.”

The communist regime continued its commitment to “work with other members to advance the Council’s work in the promotion and protection of human rights.”

In July, 53 nations at the United Nations, led by Cuba, went out to support China National Security Act The law that formed the basis of the crackdown on the people of Hong Kong.

Fox News’ Ben Evansky contributed to this report.

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