Elden Ring: Solo let me bring her back, but all the enemies are Malinia

    Elden Ring: Solo let me bring her back, but all the enemies are Malinia

    Legendary player Elden ringLet Me Solo Her, decided to return to play the FromSoftware title for a more difficult challenge to overcome millions Thousands Over: Finish the game with all enemies turned into Malenia.

    As you know, Malenia is considered by many to be president Harder than the game. Let Me Solo Her begins her feat by helping the other players defeat her, wearing only a pair of underwear and a jar as a hat and wielding a katana. He quickly became a legendary figure, so much so that when the Elden Ring DLC ​​was announced, some immediately asked him to return to play.

    Now he plays a modified version of the game where every enemy is Malenia. The model in question isn’t actually new, dating back to 2022, but the fact that he’s the one handling the Blade of Miguella swarm definitely makes a big impression. Also because the mod is out there, but who would actually use it in a normal game?

    As you can see from the streaming recording, playing with all of Malenia doesn’t make life easy for him either, who ends up getting shot down several times during the game, despite knowing the enemy’s attack patterns by heart.

    After all, if he wanted to remain a legend, he would have to succeed in another legendary quest. There are few alternatives.

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