Elden Ring beta, a new monster out of the map – Nerd4.life

    Elden Ring beta, a new monster out of the map - Nerd4.life

    The beta from elden ring It hides secrets, apparently: the user found a file monster Not published outside map boundaries, kind of a huge ferocious bear: you can see it briefly in action above.

    As you know, we tried the Elden Ring network test and realized the great potential of the new title he developed of software, but we wouldn’t have imagined that the game actually contains so many hidden items in its current state.

    In practice, the fact of exceeding the limits a map It’s fixed for users who want to discover new secrets and possibly the Elden Ring Easter eggs, and now on YouTube there are many Video This shows shipments.

    In the very short clip you find on top of the news, captured by Allison the Maidenless, we see an unreleased monster that looks like a huge Bear In fact, it attacks with its deadly claws, inflicting great damage with each blow.

    In general, it seems that there are quite a few bears outside the boundaries of the Elden Ring demo map, but this one is at least a pack leader. Then, as mentioned, there’s no shortage of more content and secrets that really hint at the vastness of the world that From Software has created for their new game.

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