Effective April 1, 2022 VAT change declaration

    Effective April 1, 2022 VAT change declaration

    Updated ATECO Codes for Accountants: This has been reported by CNDCEC, and effective April 1, 2022, persons affected by the change will have to file a VAT change declaration with the Revenue Agency. Starting from the date of modification, the same code must be indicated in the advertisements.

    accountants With New ATECO Codes.

    This news was announced by the National Council of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Professionals on March 21, 2022.

    The ATECO Code 69.20.11 It will belong to those registered in Section A of the individual record And the Accountants Accountantswhich will be included in the classification previously assigned to services rendered by chartered accountants.

    The ATECO Code 69.20.12 Instead, it will interest those registered in Section B of the individual record subordinate commercial doctors Based on Accounting experts.

    Innovations made byISTAT 2022 Update From the classification of economic activities ATECO will apply From 1 Aprila . , the date by which the subjects affected by the changes should be submitted Declaration of difference in value added tax data To modify your code, the same will then be indicated in the ads.

    Accountants, ATECO Codes Updated: Effective April 1, 2022 VAT Change Announcement

    also Accountants Accountants It will be determined by ATECO Code 69.20.11previously reserved for Services provided by chartered accountantsand now dedicated to Services provided by accountantswith respect to the services provided by all registrants in Section A of the Registry.

    The ATECO Code 69.20.12formerly associated with Services provided by accountants and commercial expertsNow welcome to me “Services Provided by Accounting Experts”that is, through the topics registered in Section B of the individual record of chartered accountants and accounting experts.

    The news is given by CNDCECwhich shows changes related to the new asset classification ATECO Economic approved by ISTAT in relation to subcategories within Category 69.20.1 relating to business and tax studies and audit activities.

    Grandma especially affects me Accountants registered in Section A of the RegisterAs indicated in the information sent by the National Council to the Regional Commands, signed by the three extraordinary commissioners Rosario Giorgio Costa, Paolo Giugliano and Maria Rachel Vigani.

    there ATECO . classification Accredited by ISTAT for the production and dissemination of statistical data From January 1, 2022 It will also be approved for administrative purposes From 1 April 2022which is the date by which persons affected by the changes must submit a declaration of a change in VAT data to the Revenue Agency.

    Accountants new ATECO code in returns filed from April 1, 2022

    So those affected by the changes will have to do so Modify your ATECO code.

    In particular, these are accountants registered in Section A of the Individual Registry, professional associations, simple partnerships and corporations between professionals in which the accountant is accountants.

    there Telecommunications can be sent From 1 April 2022 To change your activity code from 69.20.12 to 69.20.11, using the AA9/12 or AA7/10 model.

    The news released by CNDCEC also mentions that taxpayers registered with business record or in Record of economic and administrative news must take advantage of single connectionto be transmitted electronically, even if the declaration of personal data for VAT purposes is the only fulfillment to be carried out.

    The ATECO code modification will then be entered announcement: for models illustrative incomeISA, VAT and more, introduced from 1 April 2022 and after data change, it will be necessary Indicates the new assigned symbol.

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