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Edited images affect self-esteem and self-perception

Edited images affect self-esteem and self-perception

Social networks are no longer just entertainment and sharing, they are Advertising. All brands have now recognized the huge potential provided by these tools and by those who have a large following on their channels. By combining the two, companies have brought their companies to Instagram care, And put it in hands Effect. Cosmetics are very popular, but the way you present them to your followers is probably not entirely honest. Basically in recent years, there has been a proliferation of digital retouching and Filters, Which does not “fool” only about the end result and return of the product being promoted. In parallel, this trend carries a distorted model of beauty, in which imperfections and imperfections are not thought about. And it is a trend that could have dangerous drifts especially on the most fragile topics, as explained to Fanpage.it by Dr. Elisa Marchiscelli, a psychologist who is an expert in web reputation, cyber and social bullying.

No more filters in social media ads

In the UK, ASA, the organization that deals with the regulation of the advertising sector, has decided that influencers, in their sponsorship of the products of different brands, They will not be able to enter the filters. In Instagram ads, the presence of the filter (even if advertised) undermines the credibility and transparency of what is being said: it does not show reality, but rather something artificial. Specifically for cosmetics, the filter not only amplifies the final effect of the applied product, deceiving the potential buyer. The fact that it is applied to an unreal face with no pores, no impurities, no dark circles, and no blisters sends the message that these elements (all natural on the face) are actually something wrong. And it is a dangerous message, because once absorbed it has consequences in the relationship with one’s own image and with the mirror, which can also become an obsession.

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“All pictures create conditioning”

Every “perfection” displayed on social media has consequences, as Dr. Marchicelli explained:The effect falls on the perception of self-esteem. The omnipresence of altered images and stereotypes affects a person’s self-esteem directly and indirectly, to an extent that complicates his perception of himself, of the real world. All photos create conditioningIn an interview with Fanpage.it, the expert emphasized above all the influence of some paradigms on the most fragile topics, because it is the confrontation with these stereotypes and the difficulty of self-acceptance that inevitably arises:All this leads to excessive anxiety, which can lead to excessive anxiety Fear of defects in his image They see themselves. The target most at risk are teens and teens who have never previously formed an image of themselves, and self-esteem has yet to be falsified. If stimuli from outside their ideals are too high, it can somehow affect their overall self-image, and possibly the desire to make physical changes through surgery or other treatments. There are more or less risky scenarios for solutions».

It’s like wearing a distorted lens.

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing pictures of the girls, one by one, indicates that this is the only “allowed” model, reference, that can be referenced. Not falling for this law undermines self-esteem, and then, like a dog biting its tail, it pushes you to see your flaws in an increasingly inflated way. In short, something is amplified that is actually all on our mind most of the time. The doctor explains:Clinically speaking, the disorder associated with this anxiety, fear and mismanagement of one’s image is Dysmorphophobia: seeing oneself in a certain way with prominent defects. It’s like wearing a misshapen lens that magnifies a defect that is not as dangerous as a person might see it. This leads the subject to the experience of great suffering».

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“Criticism on the material side generates dramatic reactions”

Often the way to hurt someone is just to take advantage of insecurities about their material:Physical flaws in the digital world are also greatly accentuated. We’ve gone through different phenomena: cyberbullying, defaming women with a few extra pounds. This leads to discriminatory behavior and often dangerous scenarios. The vulnerability of the youngest to critical comments on their image sometimes generates dramatic reactionsBasically, there is a change in the ideal of beauty, which is no longer a high standard to achieve, but is completely impossible. We ended up confusing the two levels, the level of reality and the level of appearance: ‘Constantly used filters create a world in which it is difficult to recognize yourself on the street. Some people misuse it excessively by changing their identity to a digital identity. Advice, even clinical, is We always maintain consistency between what we are in our reality and what we want to appear in the digital world. When these two worlds go too far, there is a risk of conflict that can never be taken up in a positive way by our minds.In Italy there are no rules governing the use / misuse of filters in advertisements, but it might be appropriate to pay more attention to what is revealed on social media, given how consistent they are in every aspect of daily life and also in their training. Not only as buyers but also as individuals in the community.

Information provided in www.fanpage.it Designed for Incorporate, not substitute, The relationship between the patient and his doctor.

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