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Ecuador: Guayaquil prison regained control, 118 dead – Ultima Ora

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(ANSA) – GUAYAQUIL (Ecuador), Oct 1 – Police last night resumed control of a prison in Guayaquil, southwest Ecuador, where at least 118 inmates have died in clashes since Tuesday, the worst massacre in prison history. . .

Judicial authorities reported the killing of about 118 people, six of whom were beheaded, and 86 others injured. “Everything is calm and the detainees are in their cells,” Police Chief Tania Varela told the press at the Guayaquil prison complex after an operation involving 900 officers, two of whom were wounded. Military tanks and soldiers swarmed around the prison, where hundreds of inmates’ families were waiting for news of their loved ones.

The clashes began when inmates of a gang were celebrating the birthday of one of their leaders and bragging about taking control of the prison, unleashing the wrath of rival organizations in the other wings of the building. According to the public prosecutor, “the struggle for power inside the prison and the authorities’ intention to transfer the heads of criminal organizations to other prisons in the country were the catalysts.” (Dealing).

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