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    January 31, 2023
    Luisella Mazzetti

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    The Director of the Maggia Institute in Stresa will remember January 31, 2023 with pride for two reasons, the first of which is related to the enrollment boom for the academic year 2023/2024. Ferrari said: “The number of enrollments that closed yesterday and Monday at the Language High School doubled and increased by 10% for professionals and 40% for technical – this is great news which adds to the construction of the new gym, all signs that this school is worth a lot.” On the same day, the District of Vcuo, together with President Alessandro Lana, announced that the government would allocate €5,338,000 for the construction of the new gymnasium on the Maggia campus. “Thanks to the government’s passing of school ratings,” Lana said, “we were able to obtain financing that would fully cover the cost of building construction.” The building, which will be buried, said regional councilor Giandomenico Albertella, could be used in the future by other sports clubs outside the school. Paolo Bonazzi of the architecture studio that designed the gym then illustrated what the new building would look like with the help of renderings and models. «With this project, the entire exterior area is enhanced by an ecological redevelopment of the former Rosmini College – Bonazzi explained. We had, according to the rulings of the Supervisory Authority, to consider the entire underground gymnasium as an important archaeological site. Precisely for this reason, the redesign of the entrance and parking lot was also conceived. The presence of the river, albeit now dry, and the historic wall did not allow for the construction of larger areas. According to the current regulations, among other things, there will be a dispensary area inside, while outside there will be an independent thermal power plant ». The meeting was attended by the Mayor of Stresa Marcella Severino, Danilo Ricupero, head of the construction of schools in the province of Fcu, and Father Fausto Jober, in charge of the Rosmini Fathers.

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