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Ebay announces new costs for users: bad news is coming


The bad news that went into effect recently on Ebay: There are new costs for those who decide to sell

EBay Announces Seller Earnings News (Getty Images)

Despite the explosion that occurred Amazon In the past few years, EBay It remains one of the reference ecommerce portals on the web. Thousands of sellers provide new products every day with unique and exclusive offers, with potential Respond directly to customer messages.

A few weeks ago, the company An official announcement was issued There is talk of new commissions that retailers have to agree to pay To continue using the service. A change that, however, will not significantly affect net revenue. Here’s how they come Profit redistribution.

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EBay changes everything for users: Here’s the news

There will be more fees, but the payments will not be made on PayPal (Getty Images)

Starting yesterday, Saturday, May 1, dated EBay New updated rules have been introduced for what dealers matter there will be New commissionsThe platform will no longer keep 10% of the cost of sales, Ma is 11.5%. Excluding the costs for packaging and shipping, we read in the note posted a few months ago. And according to what was justified, the change could have come into effect to stop the phenomenon of seeing various commodities offered for sale at competitive prices, but with Amazing shipping costs.

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To counterbalance this bad news, there’s the grandmother As far as profits are concerned. They will no longer be deposited into PayPal accounts, but directly with bank transfers to the account. This means that they will not be there anymore Blocked by PayPal, As net income grows.

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