Eating Expired Mozzarella: This Is What Happens To Our Body

    Eating Expired Mozzarella: This Is What Happens To Our Body

    Today we will see what will happen to our body if we eat expired mozzarella. Let’s start by saying that mozzarella should usually be consumed within 2-3 days after the expiration date, provided that the surface does not appear discolored or yellowed in any way.

    Eating Expired Mozzarella: This Is What Happens To Our Body

    In fact, eating mozzarella that has expired for ten days puts you at risk for Listeria monocytogenes: a bacteria highly pathogenic to humans even at low levels. In any case, it is necessary to be careful because these bacteria are capable of multiplying even if exposed to refrigeration.

    Listeria infection can also be detected in all dairy products prepared with unpasteurized milk. However, those most at risk are individuals with weakened immune systems such as cancer patients, those with diabetes, the elderly and newborns as well as pregnant women.

    Then, let’s say it’s really great to read the label carefully so that we can understand if we are dealing with milky or citric mozzarella. The list of ingredients in interior mozzarella generally refers to four ingredients: milk, lactic ferments, curd, and salt.

    In fasting, after milk, salt and curdled milk, citric acid is added as an excellent acidity corrector, or lactic acid. With this acid, the entire fermentation period with lactic bacteria is skipped and valuable time is gained.

    The one obtained is less tasty, because the aromatic components that are given by lactic bacteria are lost. To overcome this problem, it is possible to add more salt. The most interesting thing to know is that expired mozzarella does not have to be thrown away because it can be adapted into original and easy recipes.

    Such as mozzarella alla pizza, in carosa, fusilli string, fried mozzarella, baked, bruschetta, pizza and eggs with mozzarella. So, this is what happens if we eat expired food and how to use it without throwing it away.

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