Easter egg discovered 35 years later, also linked to Valve’s Gabe Newell – Nerd4.life

    Easter egg discovered 35 years later, also linked to Valve's Gabe Newell - Nerd4.life

    Lucas Brooks, a Twitter user, has revealed through the social network that he has found inside the first Microsoft Windows operating system – that is Windows 1.0 – a Easter eggwhich also includes Valve’s Gabe Newell.

    what is he talking about? it’s a List showing team members who worked on Windows 1.0. Why is Gabe Newell a part of it? Not many know this, but the head of Valve worked for Microsoft for a few years before founding his own company. Newell joined Redmond in 1983, two years before Windows 1.0 was released and was part of the team that worked on the operating system. He left the company in 1996.

    that it Very simple Easter eggs And its content is not so surprising. What is special is the way it is found. In fact, this information is so hidden inside Windows 1.0 that it is accompanied by the message “Congratulations!” As you can see in the tweet. The creators knew that it would be difficult to find such a list.

    It should also be noted that the Twitter user did not normally find the Easter egg. Had to change a few lines of code to show the menu. The data about the Easter egg appears to be hidden inside a bitmap that shows a smiling face. At the time, no one knew what it was.

    If you love and love Easter eggs elden ringThen you should know that the Easter egg has been discovered from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones.

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