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Eagles has quietly appointed John Dorsey, the prestigious former NFL General Manager, as a consultant

Eagles has quietly appointed John Dorsey, the prestigious former NFL General Manager, as a consultant

A startling development with the revelation that John Dorsey, the former Chiefs and Browns General Manager, has been quietly working as a front office consultant for Eagles.

The news came from Mike Jaravolo of the NFL Network, who reported Saturday morning that Dorsey had been working with the Eagles front desk “for the past few months”.

A source in the league confirmed the news to NBC Sports Philadelphia and said Dorsey’s role was in the scouting and professional field.

Dorsey, once a pick for the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars Project, was a high-value evaluator, but his two terms as General Manager – with the Chiefs and Browns – ended relatively quickly.

What exactly is his role with the Vultures and whether he will continue with the organization after this season and how all of this affects Howie Roseman’s future is not yet clear. But the mere fact that the franchise felt it was necessary to bring in an experienced and highly regarded former NFL General Manager as a consultant is a clear sign that it is from the organizational perception – either by Geoff Lowry or Rosman – that improvements are necessary in the talent assessment process in Front office.

Rosman, Eagles’ general manager from 2010 through 2014 and again since 2016, has come under increasing criticism for his drafts as the Super Bowl drifts away into the franchise’s rearview mirror.

Although Lori responded Rosman’s expulsion is not considered, It is possible to imagine a front desk restructuring this off-season as Rosman focuses more on his strengths – contracts and salary cap – with Dorsey taking a greater role in player ratings.

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But it’s not clear if Rosman would be okay with that kind of arrangement, and there’s also a chance Dorsey has chances as a GM with other teams and he might prefer it over some sort of joint arrangement with Roseman here.

The Eagles team has lost two key front office executives in recent years, with Vice President Joe Douglas leaving after the 2018 season to become Jets General Manager and Football Operations Vice President Andrew Berry who left after last season after one year to return to Cleveland and replace Dorsey as General Manager of Browns

And Dorsey, 60, has many interesting relationships with vultures. He and Doug Pederson were with the Presidents from 2013 through 2015, and Pederson on the coaching staff of Andy Reed and Dorsey as General Manager.

Dorsey and Reed date back nearly 30 years. Dorsey was a Scout and Director of Scouts with Mike Holmgren the Packers from 1991 to 1998 and Reid trained under Holmgren at Green Bay from 1992 until 1998.

Dorsey and Reed reunited in 2013 when Reed became Dorsey’s coach and general manager. Dorsey spent four years in Kansas City before parting ways after the 2016 season.

It became GM Brown in 2017 but it only lasted for three years. He was fired on New Years Eve last year. It is not clear exactly when he joined the Eagles.

Although Dorsey has a strong reputation as a talent evaluator, he has come under fire in Kansas City for his handling of the salary cap and his communication skills, including Eagle Jeremy Maclean’s one-time reporting that he was released via voicemail remaining on his cellphone.

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Despite his short stint with Brown, he played a significant role in the franchise’s transformation with moves to acquire Nick Chubb, Baker Mayfield, Odell Beckham Jr., Cream Hunt and Olivier Vernon.

Dorsey, who attended UConn, spent the 1984 through 1989 seasons as a full-back and special team with the Packers before switching to singles.

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