Home entertainment EA Sports, an exclusive, multi-year UEFA license renewal

EA Sports, an exclusive, multi-year UEFA license renewal

EA Sports, an exclusive, multi-year UEFA license renewal

EA Sports is licensed to UEFA – Through a press release issued today, Electronic Arts Announced the renewal of the multi-year license UEFA, With the guarantee that this will remain exclusive to EA Sports – a trademark of Electronic Arts.

EA is expanding access to soccer video games with several mobile offerings under development. Also, she holds FIFA Online 4It can be downloaded for free on PC to 80 million players in over 15 new countries. EA Sports FIFA 21 It will then be launched in Stadia for the first time on March 17th.

“This expansion – a note read – builds on the continued growth and success of EA SPORTS FIFA. EA SPORTS FIFA 21 was the UK’s best-selling game in 2020, and it remains one of the most popular in the world: in fact, the EA SPORTS FIFA franchise has sold out More than 325 million copies Through the years. Additionally, there are more players playing EA SPORTS FIFA 21 than EA SPORTS FIFA 20 and their Product Tournaments, indicating that fan interest continues to grow.

Our vision is to create a more realistic, connected and social football experience by moving our games to different devices, in more countries and to new fans.“, He declared DJ JacksonAnd the vice presidentAnd the EA SPORTS trademark.

EA SPORTS is rapidly changing the way fans interact with sports, developing football from a passive, programmed experience into an interactive, accessible anytime experience. This is the best game in the world, and we are doing our best to deeply connect players, athletes, clubs and tournaments, and to increase the love of football worldwide.“.

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UEFA and EA SPORTS are two of the biggest names in football, and are synonymous with innovation, competition and progress. To date, more than 150 million minutes have been played in EA SPORTS FIFA games on console and PC Champions LeagueHe won his cup 40 million times. The new EA SPORTS FIFA license extension grants the rights to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup. For the next three years.

The partnership will also contribute to the growth of the eChampions League, a major tournament within the EA SPORTS FIFA Global Series Program. EA SPORTS FIFA boasts one of the fastest growing esports programs in the world and gives top competitors the opportunity to play as official clubs of world-renowned in the eChampions League.

In order to further develop the EA SPORTS FIFA fanbase, it is imperative to provide players with more ways to play. The FIFA Online 4 free download for PC experience, which is very popular in Asia, will soon be available for the first time in Russia, Poland, Turkey and other countries, making the title a potential for tens of millions of football fans. EA SPORTS FIFA 21 launched on Google Stadia (Expected on March 17th), the platform that allows you to instantly play your favorite video games, will make the franchise available for the first time on a streaming platform.

Mobile continues to be the world’s most popular gaming platform, and EA SPORTS is working on it Six soccer experiences: From original simulations to unique arcade formats offering new ways to play for everyone. More details on these different mobile soccer experiences will be announced at a later time.

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EA SPORTS wants to reach players from all over the world; Last year it presented six new console and PC experiences, as well as live service offerings on PC and mobile devices. EA SPORTS franchises bring sports entertainment to everyone through a series of authentic and in-depth experiences that bring players closer to the sports, teams and tournaments they love. ”

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