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€100 TV change bonus: ten questions and answers on how to get it

€100 TV change bonus: ten questions and answers on how to get it

What are the ways to get rid of old devices?

There are two different ways. Scrapping can be done when you buy the new TV, hand the old TV over to the dealer and get a bonus of up to 20% of the cost including VAT. The merchant will dispose of the old device and refund the tax credit equal to the discount given to the customer by way of compensation. The second method is more complicated, according to which the customer can dispose of the old device himself at an authorized landfill. A form will certify scrapping at landfill. It must be specified that the owner is aware of the Rai license fee payment and that a TV that does not comply with the new standards has been cancelled.

Can each user get more rewards?

No, the reward is recognized only once for the purchase of one device per user identified by the tax code.

Until when is the stimulus triggered?

The bonus is available until December 31, 2022, as long as the designated fund does not run out sooner.

Is there a fund to finance the measure?

The fund is 250 million euros and will be used until exhaustion.

When will the reward be available?

At the moment, the executive decree for this measure, drawn up by the Ministries of Economy and Economic Development, is still pending for the reorganization of frequencies. It will later be published in the Official Gazette and will be operational after 15 days.

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