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Duration, crossover, resolution and fps in an interview – Nerd4.life

Duration, crossover, resolution and fps in an interview - Nerd4.life

Boarding The protagonist was again An interview with the development team Neon Giant, published by WCCFtech which revealed many interesting details about the new RPG shooter for PC, Xbox Series X | S E. Xbox One, come Duration, crossover, resolution, and frame rate And more.

After re-showing itself in the Rise Up trailer with co-op gameplay, we’re still talking about this interesting game thanks to the information Arcade Berg (game director) and Tor Frick (coach) have provided to the aforementioned site.

As for the sources of inspiration, the developers have reported that they have checked out several titles including too Diablo, But to design a mixture of Shooter with RPG elements That it was as original as possible and in any case aligned with their specific idea.

Ascent features a detailed and carefully designed Cyberpunk universe
Ascent features a detailed and carefully designed Cyberpunk universe

As for the duration of the game, the team reported that pursuing only the main missions would take approx 15-20 hours of gameplayThe time spent on secondary tasks, however, must be added. As for the Return, Neon Giant gives an interesting speech about The Ascent: unlike what happens in many other similar titles, the developers are not aiming to prolong the fruition through procedural elements.

Some Procedural features They were used by the developers of the game, but during development and outside of what the actual contents are: in essence, all levels and events are designed and developed in an accurate manner and according to a specific design. “We focus on making sure that the game experience is the best. We used the procedural tools Out of the game To help us create and organize the large amount of content that you will find in the game, but that you will still be playing in Well established worldThe loot and secrets have already been identified, “Arcade explained.

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“But having said that, we still have some systems running Unique encounters Within the game world, in order to ensure new things even when returning to the already visited areas. We are more interested in providing the best possible experience than an endless experience. “

Likewise, Weapons and equipment All are meticulously designed and not procedurally constructed. Character progression then is based on classic XP attribution that allows you to increase traits and enhance special abilities.

Ascent also features a co-op team game
Ascent also features a co-op team game

In terms of accuracy and performance, Neon Giant has already confirmed that on Xbox Series X, Ascent will go to 4K and 60 frames per second, Although it will obviously be necessary to know if the resolution is original or not. For Xbox Series S, developers are aiming for 1440p at 60 frames per second, 4K at 30 frames per second on Xbox One X and 900p on Xbox One, but the exact values ​​are yet to be determined.

Also confirmed cross play and system support Play anywhere, Which will allow you to share progress and save between your PC and Xbox console. For more information about the game, we refer you to a preview of The Ascent by Aligi Comandini, who confirmed the excellent impressions of this Cyberpunk RPG, which was also developed by a small team of only 12 developers.

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