Home Tech Duracell doesn’t covertly pay Microsoft to put AA batteries in Xbox consoles

Duracell doesn’t covertly pay Microsoft to put AA batteries in Xbox consoles

Duracell doesn't covertly pay Microsoft to put AA batteries in Xbox consoles

Xbox consoles still using AA batteries due to a ‘firm agreement’ with Duracell, ‘ Stealth is optional‘s The title reads. The title highlights The director’s final interview With the Marketing Director at Duracell in the UK, Luke Anderson, who told Stealth is optional That there is “always this partnership with Duracell and Xbox … It’s a firm agreement between Duracell and Microsoft.”

After this interview was published, many of Outlets Quote The article, which states that this may be the reason why Microsoft still uses AA batteries to power some wireless game consoles.

this is not true. “We are intentionally offering consumers a choice in battery solutions for standard Xbox Wireless consoles,” a Microsoft spokesperson said Tell Eurogamer As a reason standard Xbox Wireless consoles still use AA batteries instead of building a battery inside the console.

“This includes using AA batteries of any brand, Xbox rechargeable battery, charging solutions from our partners, or a USB-C cable, which can power the console when it’s connected to the console or PC.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Microsoft has mentioned its decision to stick with AA batteries for some of its wireless controllers. Talk to Digital foundry in AprilJason Ronald, Xbox Partner Manager, Program Manager, explained that “a lot of Xbox owners” still prefer using batteries. Microsoft Until he said the edge In 2018 The dependence of standard controllers on batteries is because the company likes to offer a base player option.

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It’s okay to use AA batteries in these controllers; I can understand the confusion some might have about why Microsoft relied on batteries in its consoles when it switched its competitors to compact batteries that charge with cables. It is definitely not so The most environmentally friendly option, However it does provide a happy medium for those who still prefer batteries with an option also for those who prefer to use a rechargeable battery pack instead.

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