Duel, Italy wins the World Cup! Women’s Fencing Team dominates Belgrade – OA Sport

     Duel, Italy wins the World Cup!  Women's Fencing Team dominates Belgrade - OA Sport

    The Blue Duel’s special weekend ends with another success. After the four individual victories, coming from the three arms and from three different continents, he also arrived The team’s success in the Women’s World Cup victory in the World Cup stage in Belgrade. Erica Cipresso, Martina Favaretto, Francesca Palumbo and Alice Volpi They overcame the fierce competition, managing to find in each attack the correct answers to the various dangers posed by the competing national teams.

    The journey started with easy success in the Round of 16 against a lowly Hong Kong side who were eliminated by a score of 45-14. Then the scoreboard proposes the challenge to Spain, immediately on the right track 5-0 reduced by Favaretto to Maria Marino in the first attack. Ariana Castro causes some problems for the Azzurri, but in the final it is still Favareto who sets the decisive blows in the final 45-33.

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    The most insidious challenge undoubtedly reaches the semi-finals, against the feared France. The confrontation is very balanced from the very first attacks, as no athlete was able to make a difference to the outcome. The transalpines find themselves up 30-28 at the end of the sixth offense however Palumbo and Favaretto then take care of turning the situation around, winning their respective attacks against Sullen Potterwell and Anita Blaze.. In the ninth game, Volpi closes practice by putting the forty-fifth strike against Pauline Ranvier.

    The final match against the United States is completely one-sided: The Blues did not leave their opponents even a single match, winning eight out of nine and drawing the other. Volpe is perfect, Palumbo and Favaretta put in solid performances. In the end, the score with which the Blues impose themselves is eloquent 45-22.

    Photo: Bizzi Federscherma

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