DuckDuckGo Browser Has Come to Mac: How Browsing Is Changing

    duckduckgo mac

    Browser DuckDuckGo that has made privacy its strength, available at Trial version on MacAccess isn’t for everyone: you have to sign up for a private waiting list and hope to be contacted to receive the trial. But why is the new DuckDuck Go app so fun and desirable? Because the DuckDuckGo navigation app on Mac uses the file extension DuckDuckGo search engine by default and therefore i will block automatically web trackerfor example, tracking on websites and also has the famous tag “shootingThat one click burns archives and browsing tabs.

    Let’s add that a new feature has also been included in the Navigation app which is supposed to help Block cookie consent pop-ups which appears when you open a website for the first time, it is annoying but it is mandatory for the site to comply with European legislation General Data Protection Regulation. DuckDuckGo claims that it will delete them on 50% of sites, automatically choosing the option to block or Reduces cookies tracking. Allison Goodman, Senior Director of Communications at DuckDuckGo, told a the edge The company plans to increase this coverage.Significantly“With the development of the beta version. Finally, remember that in recent months there has been news of a possible Apple’s purchase of DuckDuckGo.

    Privacy Control with DuckDuckGo

    A very useful function is Privacy Brief that appears on the DuckDuckGo homepage. In a way, it reminds us of the privacy report on the browser homepage Safaribut instead of just showing how many trackers it has blocked, it splits tracking for one site It is more useful because it allows you to erase the data in each of them.

    Also, DuckDuckGo Sites like Facebook will not loadwhich will include trackers in the contents but will show a notification warning that the tracking is present and asking us if we want to continue.

    Among the other advantages we find integrated Password manager (which DuckDuckGo says it is bringing to the mobile app) allowing the ability to import passwords, history, and bookmarks from other browsers (stored locally), as well as intelligent encryption Which directs you to the sites that use connections most often HTTPS encrypted.

    How to sign up for the DuckDuck Go beta

    To subscribe to Waiting list For the browser, download (or update) the DuckDuckGo app on your mobile device. Then go to Settings and select the option DuckDuckGo for desktop From the privacy section. At this point, we’ll have to wait to get one notice From the application, which will contain a file Invitation Code And a link to use to download the new browser on Mac.

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