Ducati Panigale V4 and V4S 2022. Data, prices and photos – News

    Ducati Panigale V4 and V4S 2022. Data, prices and photos - News

    Also here is the penultimate grandmother of Ducati World Premiere 2021: with the Claim Speed ​​evolution arrives in the new 2022 Ducati Panigale V4. A particularly apt claim, as the Panigale V4 has been the subject of constant digging, from 2018 until to 2020 editions NS 2021, which has become much more effective and usable even in the hands of those who are not MotoGP racers.

    Without compromising the engine’s geometry, based on 90° V4 with Variable Distribution and TwinPulse Timing, reverse shaft and a displacement of 1,103 cc, many details (small and large) have been changed to sweeten the delivery and make it more efficient.
    Change the exhaust system that is primarily responsible for increasing engine power: Peak value increases by 1.5 hp, but above all, drag remains more sustainable, with additional horsepower until the limiter is cut.
    The force has been declared in 215.5 HP at 13,000 rpm (cut off at 14500 rpm) and torque at 12.6 kg At 9500 rpm: from 6000 80% of the maximum value is supplied.

    Performance can be increased with the racing exhaust systems in the Ducati Performance catalog. To allow you to ride even in circuits with maximum noise limits, the Akrapovič Titanium 105 dB (102 dB with dB killer installed) system is available with loud mufflers next to the tail: power boost is 12.5 hp (228 Cavalli of piezo and maximum that rises to 131 Nm) with weight loss 5 kg. This new exhaust has been added to a fuller, more compact racing version with an upgrade to the engine already available in the catalog.

    Engine torque curve Desmosidesi Stradal 2022 More regular, and above all changes according to the ratio introduced thanks to the adjustments of the electronics, which is now Differentiated ride-by-wire mapping for each gear Instead of gear sets as before. Without prejudice to riding mode From the 2021 edition, To low, medium and high delivery curves Full has been added which repeats, in fact, that… a very intense 2018 version, practically in all but the first relationships.

    All electronic controls, which remain identical in class of 2021 versions, are fine-tuned and recalibrated to adapt to the changes made to the Panigale V4, and remain manageable according to the usual logic (interference levels can also be adjusted during the operation of the movement) Through the TFT dashboard. The latter, which features a new setting that repeats layout What Ducati riders see in MotoGP, as expected New color-coded display for various electronic controls Which is easy to understand popularityAnd sliding NS Wheelie Control He intervenes at all times and thus helps the pilot to find the best tuning for the electronics.

    At the cycling level, the V4S rely on New Ohlins NPX 30 pressed fork in the frontIt, of course, is always managed by the semi-active Smart EC 2.0 system with an OBTi interface and extends by 5mm in flight. This made it possible to adopt Reduced spring in the elastic stator, thus increasing the load transfer. In addition, the height of the swingarm axle has been changed, thus making the rear suspension anti squat When you open the metronome All to make the Panigale V4S perform even more on the closing stage of the track when out of corners.

    Small variation also for the aerodynamic package, which differ in fin configuration to maintain downforce (advertised as 30 kg at 270 km/h), but are less punishing for top speed. Finally, the work environment has also changed, with New shape of the tank and connection to the front of the fairing facilitates the installation of the rider in the braking. The situation in which the new tail configuration is also useful is with new foam for the saddle, which “pushes” less forward.
    For a V4 engine its dry weight 175 kg, one less for the V4S.

    The new 2022 V4 engine will go on sale in 24,590 eurosV4S version cost instead €29.990.

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