Home entertainment Dua Lipa, revealed the US dates of Nostalgia Future Tour

Dua Lipa, revealed the US dates of Nostalgia Future Tour

Dua Lipa, revealed the US dates of Nostalgia Future Tour

The pop star revealed the dates of her US tour, which next year will see her busy on the stage of several cities; The news was sent via an important Instagram profile post Over seventy-two million followers Who follows his life every day.


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After announcing the new dates in Europe, the singer has now also revealed appointments to Soil on Stars and Stripes. Sound Hotter than hell It actually announced that the tour would begin on February 9 in Miami, and then touch several cities, including Orlando, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, and Las Vegas.

In addition, the tour will also stop Canada For three events: February 22 in Montreal, February 23 in Toronto and April 1 in Vancouver.

Nostalgia for the future, success


Dua Lipa makes her debut in Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle

From the big media confirmation of the song be the first to great success new lawsAnd one kiss With Calvin Ed Harris electricity Con Silk City, Diplo E Mark Ronson.

Over the years, the singer has proven herself by climbing the international charts, her latest album nostalgia for the future It has won great acclaim from the public and critics. The disc has in fact received many certifications, including a platinum record In the USA it has sold over a million copies.

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