Dryer, savings guaranteed with this simple trick: Your bill drops dramatically


    A dryer is a device used to dry clothes after washing by removing moisture from fabrics.

    They are widely used, especially in winter, when weather conditions do not allow quick drying of clothes in the open air. Precisely for this reason their use is concerned in terms of consumption.

    In a socio-economic context like ours, Italians have to deal with which devices to keep using and which to put aside for a while. Indeed, the rise in electricity prices has had repercussions on the bill, which in recent months has risen exponentially.

    The dryer is one of the most energy-intensive appliances and has a significant impact on consumption. So, by using it, we will have to deal with high bills that may come our way. The reason why many give up on it.

    We are going to reveal some small tips that will allow you to use the dryer without affecting your consumption and your pocket.

    There are many solutions that will allow you to use the dryer in the coming months without being overwhelmed by the bills. In a sense, these tips that we are going to give you will change your life in terms of bills and also in continuing to use them and having dry clothes, even in the coldest months.

    In fact, it will be your actions that make this happen. The first thing to do is to use it only in the late evening or on weekends. In fact, the contract for the supply of electricity provides for time periods. And the most suitable ensemble is precisely the evening – night or those that fall on weekends and holidays. Then turn on the device before going to bed or choose the start schedule.

    And if you’re one of the users who haven’t signed up for 2-hour or multi-hour contracts with domains, you don’t have to worry. There are other tricks to use the dryer to save money. First of all, if you have considered changing your equipment, you must make sure that the appliance you are about to purchase is energy class A or higher. Those that fall into these energy categories are more efficient and will reduce their consumption.

    Then put the clothes inside already wrung out so that drying is faster. We recommend spinning the garment in the washing machine. We know that even the spin cycle of your washing machine should be used in moderation to avoid unnecessary energy expenditure. But the spin cycle with a few revolutions and for a short time allows us to save a lot with the use of the dryer.

    Finally, carry out frequent maintenance of the dryer and, above all, pay close attention to the filters which, if dirty, will make it less efficient and increase its consumption.

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