Driving License Test If you know what this car does in reverse, you’re a genius: the solution

    Driving License Test If you know what this car does in reverse, you’re a genius: the solution

    To take the driver’s license test that we’re showing you today, you need to know what to do when backing out of a parking spot. The solution is far from simple

    So today we are going to show you how you can overcome a difficult dynamic that can often occur while driving. It will not be easy to do this, because there are many who misbehave. However, thanks to the current regulation of Traffic LawsWe can understand why we have to act a certain way when we’re behind the wheel.

    Parking test (web source) – MondoFuoristrada.it

    What seem like simple actions, we can sometimes make mistakes and even have accidents caused precisely by overconfidence. For this reason, it is always a good idea to stay up to date with what the current regulations say. Short exams for obtaining a driver’s license are essential to be able to pass the exams, but they should not be forgotten over time. Revision should always be done, even for people who feel better prepared for the subject.

    The question we bring you today is about a Parking and how to act When exiting with reverse gear engaged. The image shows one of those composed in the form of a “herringbone” which sees two cars parked in the right lane, while another was parked with behavior not in compliance with the regulations.

    test solution

    In the photograph on the cover, three cars can be seen: a blue one with the letter B on it; orange color, denoted by the letter E; Finally, a green color, highlighted with the letter S. E and S are parked correctly, while B is parked not following parking guidelines.

    In this test, for any motorist who needs to maneuver in reverse, there is a need to distinguish whether or not you are in a straight line with a right or left turn. To help those behind the wheel, there are rear-view mirrors that allow you to show whether it is appropriate to continue the maneuver or not. In the absence of risks, it will be possible to continue the activity.

    Test on the parking exit (Pixabay.com) – MondoFuoristrada.it

    We are interested in knowing The way in which S. First, whoever is driving the car must operate the arrow keys, in order to be able to indicate his intentions. Next, you need to check if there are any pedestrians behind the parked car. The stretch of road where you have to enter should be free. Finally, to get into the lane, you need to see if there are vehicles to give way to, either from the right or from the left. Once all these precautions have been taken, it will be possible to continue maneuvering.

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