Dragons and Dragons, China is less close. The report is from the United States

      Dragons and Dragons, China is less close.  The report is from the United States

    More than half of Italians have a negative opinion of China. A poll conducted by the Atlantic Council and the European Union Mission in the United States showed a turning point: a year ago, Chinese propaganda was the best friendship with the United States. The European Union dances better with Biden and the security and defense priorities

    A half-mutual love. What air is blowing between Europe and the United States after three months of taking the oath? Joe Biden? Better air than you pull in Donald Trump In the White House.

    To say that A questionnaire From the Atlantic Council’s European Center and from the European Union delegation to the United States with the Morning Consult company. The numbers are in hand, and the change in climate between one side of the ocean and the other is evident.

    After a vertical collapse following the attack on Congress on January 6, the image of the United States has seen a steady rise in public opinion in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, the survey reveals that Americans have always held great respect for the European Union, to the point that the January-May graph is a straight line.

    More than half still have a “positive opinion” of the European Union. This is due to the epidemic, especially in the first months, explains the director of the European Center Benjamin HaddadThe emergency increased the EU’s sense of importance as a partner, and the first European response gave the idea that “many lives could have been saved if the United States and the European Union worked together against Covid-19”.

    Among the sectors where Americans are requesting more cooperation with EU countries, healthcare is not even on the stage. At the top of the list is security and defense: 28% of respondents consider it a top priority. An indication that NATO, despite four years of Trump’s impasse, is still considered an asset to be defended in the United States, as long as Europe pledges to respect 2% of GDP in defense investments stipulated in the agreements.

    It was followed by climate and environment (24%), given the Biden administration, which recently sent its special climate envoy to Rome, John Kerry, To meet, among other things, Mario Draghi And the Pope Francesco.

    At the bottom of the list are two items: democracy promotion (7%) and privacy rights (3%). Republicans and Democrats see very differently than they should. “The Democrats argue that the focus should be on the climate and the environment, and the Republicans are standing up for security and defense,” wrote the Atlantic Council, he wrote.

    But the real novelty captured by the poll is not so much about relations between allies as it is about the European charm of the closest competitor to the Americans, China. Xi Jinping.

    Compared to opinion polls a year ago, when Chinese planes full of masks and respirators were flying between Rome and Shanghai,Wizard attackThe Chinese seem to have lost their supremacy, even in Italy.

    In Italy, only 30% of Italians have a positive opinion of the dragon (only 6% of them are “very supportive”), 51% declare that they are not supportive and 19% have no opinion. Not only twelve months after Swg’s exciting poll that confirmed China, at the start of the epidemic, overtook the United States in Italian public opinion (36% versus 30%) turned out.

    Italy and Spain remain the most willing European countries to open their doors to Beijing. The trend is very different in Germany and France, with 64% and 55% of respondents respectively saying they have a negative idea of ​​the Chinese presence in the national culture and economy.

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