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Draghi’s New Plan to Reduce Tax Evasion and the Tax Gap: What It Is

Draghi's New Plan to Reduce Tax Evasion and the Tax Gap: What It Is

the Draghi government Prepares new measures to fightevasion and reduce the loss of income, or tax the difference, as defined by English-speaking analysts. This is the gap between taxes collected and taxes that will be collected instead in a system of full compliance with the law and tax obligations.

On the basis of the tax gap, it is clear that there is the phenomenon of tax evasion, which has always been a big problem for state coffers in Italy, but there is also Arithmetic errors By professionals and the self-employed.

For this reason, the executive aims to fill the gap, also with the money that will arrive in Italy thanks to Recovery plan. In fact, the Palazzo Chigi roadmap provides for a real tax reform associated with Pnrr, which will be the basis for the fight against tax evaders.

Letter from Palazzo Chigi to Ministers: Recommendations on the NRP

Roberto GarofoliUndersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, called on all departments to prepare an organized government agenda, in order to respect all the commitments made with Europe and to implement maneuvers that concern several sectors.

The recommendation to ministers is to respect The deadlines And plan all the details in detail fixes, with an approach to understanding organizational activity quite different from the past, as a “driver of development policies”.

Stop evasion, the new strategy of the Ministry of Economy

The Ministry of Economy and Finance will face the most difficult task, which is to draft a report that can guide the government’s actions to reduce tax evasion, in particular the tax gap due toDeleted invoices in the sectors most at risk.

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The gap will have to be reduced by 5% by 2023 compared to the figure in 2019, and by 15% in 2024. The figure that will reach i in three years 12 billion eurosIt is seen on the negative side because it does not take into account some taxes.

Mef’s ambitious goal should be pursued through Because Procedures the basic. Primarily, by bringing tax authorities closer to taxpayers who have inconsistent positions between what was declared and what was paid, with the new. self-report And rewards for those who decide to advance and implement new programs communication systems Directly between the Palestinian Authority and the citizens.

On the other hand, we will continue with nicknames From tax databases already provided by the previous government. This process aims to separate the taxpayer’s identity from their information, consistent with the current GDPR law.

The process will be especially useful for construction Models predictive to taxpayer behaviours, identifying those most at risk of evasion and increasing controls over those segments of the population that feed submerged He managed to evade administrations.

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