Home entertainment Draghi, Covid, Cattelan: Shut up, Richie speaks

Draghi, Covid, Cattelan: Shut up, Richie speaks

Draghi, Covid, Cattelan: Shut up, Richie speaks

Antonio Ricci: «Inventor of Boldi section? Let’s be serious. He makes you laugh because he’s stupid.”

printing, Page 39And by Luca Dondoni.

from Monday Channel 5 Counting stripping newsSeason No. 34 Conductors Vanessa Incontrada NS Alessandro Ciani, (“We like to win easy”) Blonde Showgirls Talisa Jade Ravagnani (Former student of friends) and BlackBerry Julia Pelagati. Subtitle voice of insight. «After hopes in science – explains Antonio Ricci – It seems that conscience prevails now. He does not know, he does not explain, he does not know, and he wants the Pope.”

Ricci immediately removed a stone from his shoes: Massimo Boldi claimed to be the inventor of his satirical news.
(laughs) But are we serious? section It is a unique format and it is strange that Massimo discovered it more than thirty years later. But I should have known, it’s always a little late. Yet I love him as much as I love that little drunk uncle found in all families. Poldi has always made people laugh precisely because of his exit, he doesn’t have a comedic face of his own, a logical comedian, but he’s an impromptu ».
He entered the studio on notes the gladiator by Ridley Scott. A relentless but bad warrior.
“The way things were going until a few months ago, we didn’t even know if we were going to have the press conference or not. Last year was terrible for everyone. I had Covid, I had breathing tubes in my nose and someone was dying next to me; to get Strength, I held the phone on my stomach and followed section Send messages to authors and correct videos. Covid taught me instability but you have to come out strong and the strength I had in the hospital was incredible. I got back on my feet and did not want to give this monster to him that I might have taken for an unfamiliar mask. We still don’t talk much about it, but it’s an endless scandal section I will take care of him again. Many of my reporters and some of the guards suffered from Covid, but we were able to bring the broadcast back home.”

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Why translate the voice of conscience?
“Covid is no longer an attractive topic even for him section. I find it boring for our reporters to go and investigate those who are not applying for the Green Pass or facing the pandemic in Carlona. Even talk shows are disappearing now because the topics are broken and from a political point of view the Draghi government has killed the controversy.”
Has an opinion been expressed about the controversy over how DAZN gets Italians to see football?
“Unfortunately, I’m also a victim of DZN. At home, we made four season tickets because we didn’t know if we were going to see the match or not. Apart from the numbers on TV and it’s not clear what they are, the absence of pictures like your team score, all everything is okay “.
And what about Cattelan on Rai1?
“Let me break a spear in his favour, it is not fair to deal with him. He faced the perfect storm, the volleyball final and Juventus – Milan. Perhaps for the second episode, the boy will not have the serenity and arrogance necessary for a variety show, but I hope he recovers and reacts to an unfortunate event » .
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(in the picture Antonio Ricci)

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