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Drag Race Italia: what it is, how it works, how to write to participate, TV and broadcast schedules

Drag Race Italia: what it is, how it works, how to write to participate, TV and broadcast schedules

Drag the Italian race It is an international talent show where only drag queens are the protagonists.

The talent was immediately a hit, and it is expected that the episodes that will soon be broadcast in Italy will be equally successful.

What is Drag Race Italia and how does it work

Drag the Italian race It is the Italian version of the American Originals Format RuPaul’s Drag Race, Also known as America’s Next Drag Queen Broadcast on FoxLife and then on Netflix.

After the United States, the format was also broadcast in the United Kingdom, Chile, Thailand, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain.

Each competing drag queen will have the task of performing by showing off her entertainment skills in front of the jury, and at the end of each episode one of them will be eliminated. During the episode, scenes from backstage.

Then the challenge includes three stages, such as:

  1. little challenge
  2. The main challenge
  3. eliminate.

The judges will then be three, their names: Priscilla, Chiara Franchini NS Tommaso Zorzi.

These will then rotate over the course of the episode from guest judges, Also with the task of judging the performances. The winning raffle queen will get a total of prizes 30,000 euros, Plus an annual supply of cosmetics and a crown and scepter of Fierce Drag Gems.

How to write to participate in Drag Race Italy

If you consider yourself an expert drag queen capable of entertaining an entire audience, then Drag Race Italia is the format for you. To participate, you must first send an email with your application to [email protected]And By entering:

  • name and surname
  • age
  • date of Birth
  • City of residence
  • profession
  • Curriculum by entering into organized events, career and local initiation
  • full selfie
  • Small presentation video.
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Drag Race Italia TV schedules and streaming

Drag the Italian race will be broadcast from November 19 2021 On the paid platform Discover +. On the same platform, it will then be possible to watch and review format episodes while broadcasting, without any interruptions in advertisements.

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