Home sport Doug Pederson talks Dean Hearts with Galen Horts, QB’s Eagles Room Dynamics

Doug Pederson talks Dean Hearts with Galen Horts, QB’s Eagles Room Dynamics

Doug Pederson talks Dean Hearts with Galen Horts, QB's Eagles Room Dynamics

Eagles coach Doug Pederson spoke to reporters Wednesday about how Galen Hortes will need to prepare for a different defense on Sunday against Arizona, and how they hope to endure the spark that the young QB team provided to the team throughout the rest of the season. Also talk about the center room dynamics and what the attack line will look like on Sunday.

Here is what the coach said:

On Galen Horts

Pederson was asked what they should do differently this week now that there is a game and a half tape on Hurts. He stated that QB should understand that they are facing a whole new defense with different structure, different personnel and different scheme. So, what worked against the saints may not apply this week to Cardinals.

So, in Galen’s case, he just has to study the tape. Obviously, he must be self-taught. He really has to study his behaviors too, right? There are no indications to defend and do not give up on things, be it by TV version, movie or coach version the defenses can really point them out and try to gain an advantage. Nothing is easy at this level, but I think this week will be a great opportunity for him to come back and study only himself and make corrections and clean up what needs to be cleaned and try to present the same thing again on Sunday. “

Pederson also spoke about Hearts’ fourth attempt down last Sunday, and said the young QB saw something defensive and informed the coach of it. He noted that, as with Carson Wentz, Hurts has ideas and suggestions and communicates them during the game. Pederson said he showed how confident the rising midfielder must be in this regard.

“It shows that he understands the game’s plan, he understands how to try to attack the opponent. Then for me, I’ve talked a lot about trusting the players as they play the game. I have to trust them and put them in positions to succeed and that was one moment.”

Now that Hurts settles the offense a bit more, Pederson hopes the spark he has offered against Packers Two weeks ago it became more of a flame now.

“We want to keep that spark or that flame lit, and we want to use that momentum as we finish over the next three weeks.”

With regard to the relationship between the center room, particularly given that the meetings are virtual and there were no opportunities to meet outside the facility, Pederson admitted that the lack of this face to face between the group makes it difficult to build such harmony. Not being able to watch movies together after training, catching up with players from other locations to watch the tape or pursuing protection plans, is a challenge.

We talk about social distancing, but we are trying to maintain a level of trying to be more social together as best we can. Whether it is a Saturday night at the hotel on the road or even during training while walking or actual practice. “

Up front

Pederson was not prepared to stick with Jordan Mailata as the future of the left-handed position, stating that they hadn’t really had a chance to see Andre Dillard in that place yet.

He helps himself, I would say it. Jordan played well enough maybe to compete in this place, but I think it’s a bit unfair to sit here and say he’s a full-time player moving forward without seeing enough of Andre who obviously enlisted us to take this place “.

Head coach also confirmed Matt Pryor would be the start of the right tackle on Sunday against the Cardinal, and would face a fast, agile and agile contestant at Haason Reddick.

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Pederson also indicated that they do not know how long Jack Driscoll will be out of an MCL injury, and they are also not sure if he will need surgery, but he will definitely miss some time.

On Travis Fulgam

When asked about Fulgam’s drop in the footage, Pederson indicated that they still have a game plan for the receiver, and although Alshon Jeffery is getting healthier and playing better, they still have specific plays for Fulgam. However, it was indicated that Fulgam only saw 11 shots last Sunday, and Pedersen acknowledged that they have to do a better job.

“Listen, we know we have to do better. He has to do better. He should play better, but at the same time the Shun is playing better too, so we’re going to play with the players in that particular play who are in the game. That depends on Game plan, so you can’t put it on Travis. You can put it on me. I’m the stage caller, I call groups of people, so put it on me. “

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