Donald Trump: The Ministry of Education must be abolished

    Donald Trump: The Ministry of Education must be abolished

    Old rally, harsh tones, propaganda and affirmation of the desire to run for the next US presidential election. Donald Trump The CPAC Governor’s Conference inflames, pointing fingers at the spot Nancy Pelosi: “Everything she touches turns out to be bad: I tried to isolate her twice and failed. That woman brings chaos and this is what happens in China and Taiwan. Now China has the opportunity to do whatever it wants, and I would never have had it. “Then it is up to the question of energy: ‘The United States was with me independent from an energy point of view, and now we have to beg. Take, for example, the five worst presidents in American history: none of them did the damage they did Joe Biden it causes “.

    He then turns to one of his most classic horses, criticizing immigration: “We must stop the invasion at the frontier with Mexico: We have been invaded by immigrants. open border agenda Joe Biden And it makes no sense to Democrats: we defend the borders of distant countries and we do not defend our own. ”

    An extremist intervention that ends up bashing the gender issue: “The oath must be repealed
    Education.” It is actually the last idea of Donald Trump. The former president throws it to the audience’s applause. “Teachers should not be allowed to teach transgender people without parental consent. Men should stay away from women’s sports. We must win and restore freedom of expression against censorship.”

    Finally, the road is wide open toward the next candidacy for president of the United States: “The return of America begins in November, and it will continue in 2024. We will continue to fight and take back the country.” say that Donald Trump Emphasizing that the Foundation with the ongoing investigations wants to “hurt me because in this way I can no longer represent you. If you remain silent the attacks against me will stop immediately, but I cannot do that because I love this country.”

    “I am not doing this for myself but for you. For me I am honored to do it because if I do not do it, we risk becoming a new version of Venezuela or the Soviet Union or Cuba. We are in third ways the country of the world.”

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