Dominic Raab has been accused of slowing down the escape from Kabul

    Dominic Raab has been accused of slowing down the escape from Kabul

    Dominic Raaba British Conservative politician and current Deputy Prime Minister in the newly elected government of Rishi Sunak, is accused of causing many “deaths” in the Afghanistan During the evacuation from Kabul in 2021.

    According to what was announced by some government sources, the foreign minister of former Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the time She was alleged to have delayed the signing of some official documents In August last year, when Kabul returned to the hands of the Taliban. A British newspaper quoted anonymous officials guardianWhoever published the news exclusively will talk about delays in evacuation missions »Because he didn’t like the document format that was given to him.” The deputy prime minister is known to be “extremely careful” in coordinating documents, the newspaper wrote.

    This is not the first time that Raab’s behavior has been criticized: Sunak’s justice minister is currently under investigation yet Bullying allegations Moved by some British officials. according to guardianA May 6 meeting to discuss the performance of Rapp’s office “turned into a 45-minute discussion of their experiences of bullying,” a Justice Department insider said. Furthermore, there would have been a lengthy discussion to make clear that his behavior had “been beyond bluntness and unprofessionalism”.

    It is said, when Rahab was in Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (the government department in the UK government responsible for promoting the UK’s interests abroad, so), «Some people died While the review of documents related to the evacuation of Afghanistan was delayed “because they did not like the coordination.” Raphael MarshallTestifying before the Foreign Affairs Committee, a former Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation official said it would take “hours” before he would personally approve exceptional evictions, return the files to the sender and request that they be presented in a different format.

    Raab had previously denied any wrongdoing, insisting he had successfully contributed to theEvacuation of 17 thousand people from Afghanistan Months before the Taliban took control. In August 2021, during the evacuation from Kabul, he was criticized for choosing not to interrupt his family’s vacation in Crete. a source told guardian that Rapp “refused to actually be approached about anything” for over a week, delegating tasks to a series of agents. This position cost him an investigation into his responsibility for mismanaging the “messy” withdrawal from Afghanistan. Shortly after the eviction, he explains guardianHe was demoted from Minister of Foreign Affairs to Minister of Justice.

    Moreover, Rapp is being targeted by the British officials to create a complete one “a culture of fear” during his tenure as Brexit Secretary in 2018. In a series of new allegations published by guardianAccording to the source, Rap would show up an hour late for various meetings “because he was in the gym.” On other occasions, he has subsequently targeted and belittled officials without good reason, yelling at those who could not immediately answer a certain question. Raab also denied the allegations, saying he never missed a meeting by going to the gym, which he frequented on his lunch break, and never yelled at officials.

    Rap was born in 1974 and studied at Oxford and Cambridge. He is a lawyer specializing in international law. In Theresa May’s government, he covered the role of Brexit secretary, only to leave office after only three months, at odds with the prime minister’s “many concessions” in Brussels, even if guardian He blames his bad work. He was called in to replace Boris Johnson when the then UK prime minister was moved to intensive care due to Covid complications in 2020, when Raab had been first secretary and foreign secretary for nearly a year.

    He served as Deputy Prime Minister from 15 September 2021 to 6 September this year, and also served as Secretary of State for Justice, when he was sacked from her cabinet by the newly elected Liz Truss. His return as Deputy Prime Minister came with the arrival of Rishi Sunak as we said. newly editorial Posted in guardian Journalist Marina Hyde signed off with the headline: “Dominic Raab may have the worst record in government, but at least he’s perfectly orchestrated.”

    Rishi Sunak arrives in Downing Street on October 25
    United kingdom

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    Anne Marie Trevelyan, UK Minister for Transport, during the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, October 4, 2022.

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