Does WhatsApp read your messages or not? The trick is to find out

    Does WhatsApp read your messages or not?  The trick is to find out

    There are some Whatsapp tricks that not everyone knows about, but they should definitely be explored. Among the curiosities there are those we must understand if a person is reading our messages or if he is ignoring us on purpose.

    We often ask ourselves whether or not a person is ignoring us when we send them a message, especially if they don’t have the active blue ticks that definitely give us clues. However, there are tricks to understanding what is really going on.

    WhatsApp, tricks to see if they’re ignoring us (GranTennisToscana)

    WhatsApp has forever changed not only the way we communicate, but our lives as well. If before we had to overhear someone, we had to forcefully call or text them, and spend money, today the Internet has made everything easier and improved the bonding between people, allowing them to text all day and even all night with a subscription One.

    We can send messages as well as pictures, videos and audio. The social network with the green cloud changed everything also because we realized that we were facing a vehicle that was also useful for work reasons as well as for family and friends. Although this revolution has practically only brought benefits, it is pointless to deny that there are some troublesome things as well.Like when we don’t realize if we’re in front of someone who doesn’t reply to us because of a message because he’s busy or just doesn’t want to. Let’s go and see the tricks.

    WhatsApp is ignoring you? tricks to understand it

    WhatsApp over time has given many new features and differences from one version to another. It got so much better that at first the sound was not transmitted, and then it was understood how to stop the recording without holding down the touchpad all the time. At first the situation was caught by the fact that two simple “blue checks” told us when the sound would be heard by whoever was on the other side of the “phone”.

    WhatsApp, tricks to see if they’re ignoring us (GranTennisToscana)

    However, today, also for privacy reasons, this option can be removed, and therefore those who listen to the audio cannot allow us to understand it. Despite this, we ignore that there are effective tricks to be aware of if the person we are communicating with is deliberately ignoring us. Let’s start explaining the tricks. The first is certainly associated with a check or two, in the first case the person calling is not connected to the mobile network. We can wait in the chat and see if the user goes from offline to online, thus realizing that they are really ignoring us. And that’s not all because WhatsApp will soon send us the possibility to transcribe voice messages.

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