Home science Does pizza or piadina make you fatter? Let’s find out together...

Does pizza or piadina make you fatter? Let’s find out together and you will have no more doubts

Does pizza or piadina make you fatter?  Let’s find out together and you will have no more doubts

Are you on a diet and wondering if pizza or piadina makes you fatter? It is definitely not recommended to eat these two delicious foods when you are on a diet. If you want to know which one has more calories and therefore which “sin of gluttony” you can eat without feeling guilty, just keep reading this interesting article.

Does pizza or piadina contain more calories?

To understand If it makes pizza or flatbread more fattening You need to see which one contains more Calories. Piadina contains between 300 and 350 calories. Those with fewer calories are those that are generally defined as light and healthy, that is, made with extra virgin olive oil instead of lard and seasoned with ingredients such as arugula and bresaola, rather than kebabs and french fries.

Makes pizza or flatbread more fattening

Pizza or piadina fatter – wineandfoodtour.it

In the baked goods family, piadina is the one with the highest number of calories. Compared to bread and pizza, piadina dough contains less water and more fat.

Pizza, unlike piadina, contains dough that undergoes fermentation and is a more watery product, that is, with more water. So we can only judge the doughwithout taking into account the ingredients used as seasoning and topping, Piadina has more calories than pizza (340 calories pizza vs. 280 calories from piadina). But wait to say that piadina makes you fatter than pizza, because it isn’t. Go straight to the next paragraph to find out.

Condiments: which has more calories?

To understand If it makes pizza or flatbread more fatteningyou have to compare not only the paste of the two producers, but also spicesor the calories of the ingredients used to fill the two products.

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The toppings traditionally used for pizza are tomatoes and mozzarella (or better, fiordellati). Then more ingredients are added to these two ingredients to make a more specific pizza.

there By our hands Instead, it has variable toppings, but the traditional flavors are stracchino and arugula, or ham and mozzarella.

Commercial piadina weight is 120 gr (180g if you choose a product purchased at piadineria) Even taking into account the most caloric condiment, the total calories in a piadineria never exceed 400, 500 calories. theIn general, the sauce used in piadina will never contain more calories than unrefined piadina.

Pizza or Piadina

Pizza or Piadina – wineandfoodtour.it

The pizza is more fattening than our pizza

The conclusion of our careful analysis is that Pizza is fatter than piadina Because it offers More calories. Calories for a seasoned pizza and a spiced piadina should be considered. The calorie content of pizza varies greatly: from 800 calories per one Pizza Margherita to 1,000 calories from a pizza topped with multiple ingredients.

Biadina, on the other hand, is among 400 and 600 caloriesTaking into account both the ingredients and the dough. However, it must also be said that piadina is much smaller than pizza, which is its raison d’être Less calories And Makes you less fat. Piadina dough weighs 120g, maximum 150g, while pizza mass weighs 250/300g.

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