Does it work better on PS5 or Xbox Series X? DF . reveals

     Does it work better on PS5 or Xbox Series X?  DF . reveals

    eagerly awaited Cyberpunk 2077 Next Update Released It can only be accompanied by an inescapable video analysis of the Digital Foundry about the quality of graphics and the purely technical differences between the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of CD Projekt’s sci-fi RPG.

    It is clear that the journalists and “video game technicians” associated with start with a comparison of Pre-patch version 1.5 And the new improved iteration of the latest generation of consoles: DF analysis emphasizes the goodness shown in the presentation videos of the next generation update and highlights the commitment of Polish developers to update the title and overcome critical issues identified since launch.

    On both PS5 and Xbox Series X, the The mode that activates Ray Tracing It renders the scene on screen in 4K dynamic and, by upgrading from a starting resolution of 1440p, greatly improves the quality of ambient light in indoor locations. By choosing a graphics preset that prioritizes frame rate to set it to 60 fps, the Sony nextgen machine brings back a smoother average experience of around 5-10 fps on screen in the most exciting gameplay scenes. The VRR . support Despite this, the Xbox Series X does an excellent job of masking any potential performance drop until it becomes almost imperceptible. In general, regardless of the next favorite console, the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the “new” Night City are almost identical.

    For a comprehensive analysis of the novelties accompanying the update to the next generation of the groundbreaking science fiction film on CD Projekt RED, find here our special offer on How Cyberpunk 2077 Expands on PS5with implications including both improvements in the graphics sector and additions to gameplay after patch 1.5.

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