Do you want to fight water retention? Here’s what to eat and what to absolutely avoid

    Do you want to fight water retention?  Here’s what to eat and what to absolutely avoid

    Water retention is a problem that unites many people: so let’s find out together what you should eat to fight it and what is best to avoid.

    Let’s start at the beginning: what do we mean when we talk about water retention? We refer to a condition in which the body accumulates excess fluid in the tissues. They can occur in different parts of the body such as the ankles, legs, arms or abdomen.

    Water retention, what to eat and what to avoid –

    What is it the reasons What led to this problem? First of all, an unbalanced diet is one of the first stimuli. Likewise also one stable life It can play a negative role.

    Finally, hormonal changes, taking certain types of medications, or clinical conditions in general can be other elements that lead to the appearance of this pathology.

    What is it instead symptoms? First, you may feel a bloating sensation in the aforementioned areas of the body. Also, the skin over the swollen area may be taut and shiny. Even a sudden weight gain can alert us to the presence of water retention.

    Water retention: what to eat to fight it

    Certain foods can help reduce water retention by providing nutrients that promote urine output and support the lymphatic system. Impossible not to mention me option for this purpose.

    Whole and sliced ​​cucumber –

    Being very rich in water, it is a reliable ally against this problem. They are also an excellent source of potassium, a substance that contributes to the regulation of fluids in the body.

    Me too’pineapple It is a food that should be implemented more in one’s diet in combating water retention. This is because it contains bromelain, which improves the digestion process, which helps the body get rid of any accumulation of fluids in the tissues.

    Again, even asparagus perfectly achieves this goal: in fact, they are well known for their diuretic properties. They complete the list of recommended foods Kiwi, watermelon, celery and ginger. With the latter, it is possible to make countless very tasty herbal teas.

    What foods are best to avoid

    It would be nice to know that the most preferred item for this case is salt. So you should stay away not only from their packaging but also from foods that contain them such as aged cheese, cured meats, canned foods, prepared sauces, potato chips and salty snacks.

    Table salt –

    Even higher consumption sugar It can negatively affect water retention. Therefore, it would be good and correct to reduce sweets, sugary and fizzy drinks, fruit juices and snacks.

    Finally too Coffee and tea Black is two drinks that you should stay away from. Both actually contribute to dehydration of the body which in turn leads to increased water retention.

    However, some people can tolerate moderate amounts of both coffee and black tea without causing major health problems.

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