Do you want to buy a Lamborghini from Rod Stewart? Amazing, it’s like new

    Do you want to buy a Lamborghini from Rod Stewart?  Amazing, it’s like new

    One of the greatest musicians ever. He could only have his own car. It is now for sale…

    Scratchy car, just like his voice. Rod Stewart is considered one of the most successful interpreters of British rock music. He is now 78 years old, and he has built a lot in his life and career. So much to be able to afford such a supercar. Now, however, you can buy it too…maybe…

    Photo of British singer Rod Stewart: Ansa – pontilenews

    nickname “Rod the mod” for his wild life. Just like the life of a real rock star. And Rod Stewart It was and is, despite the fact that time has passed inexorably.

    In fact, his career began in 1964. From that moment on, success after success and sales are in crazy numbers. It is estimated, in fact, that in his career he has sold more than 250 million records.

    Various sectoral magazines have included him in various positions in their rankings of the best singers of all time. But, despite the differences, always in the top fifty. In short, a truly influential figure in Great Britain, but not only. So much so, that in 2016, Queen Elizabeth also appointed him Sir.

    Rod Stewart’s supercar

    Therefore, an artist of this caliber and with this approach could have his own car. We know very well, in fact, that Rod Stewart has a huge passion for sports cars. His garage is one of those hard to imitate. Rod Stewart, in particular, has always been very fascinated by it Lamborghini. After all, the Bologna car manufacturer made Italy’s name cool in the world.

    Millionaire Auction of Rod Stewart’s Lamborghini: Bring Trailer – pontilenews

    Rod Stewart’s car is actually a Lamborghini and is for sale today. This, in particular, is one The 25th anniversary of the Lamborghini Countach. We find it for sale on the well-known Bring a Trailer portal, which is strictly dedicated to the automotive world. It’s a real supercar Made in just 657 samplesbefore it was replaced by a Lamborghini Diablo.

    The car has an engine 3.5L V12.5 Which, according to the card on Bring in a Trailer, is in excellent condition. Thus, the performance of the supercar speaks for itself. A car introduced to the world in 1971, when Rod Stewart went crazy with his rock just about everywhere. But the peculiarity of this car is given by two factors.

    The first is that we are talking about a fundamentally new car, because it has hardly traveled all these years 12 thousand km. The second, perhaps less welcome, is that you will have to pay for it More than half a million dollars, as the current show is about that number. But what can you do, it’s a supercar and it belongs to one of the greatest musicians in history…

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