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Do you suffer from stress all the time? What happens to the body every day

  Do you suffer from stress all the time?  What happens to the body every day

Do you suffer from stress all the time? So you should totally know this, this is what happens to your body every day, you wouldn’t imagine it

Perini stress
Permanent stress: what happens to the body

In the last period, with the arrival of the epidemic, our lives have changed drastically and the level of stress has increased dramatically. The number of suicides increased, as did the number of people who turned to specific professionals, such as psychologists. Dealing with a period of lockdown and turning away from the world is not easy, and sure, no matter how difficult it is for everyone, not everyone reacts the same way. There are those who succeed in finding balance and those who leave themselves. However, everyone, some more, some less, is under an enormous amount of pressure. We are used to thinking that only stress affects our mind exclusively, but it actually isn’t. Stress is like a toxin, which slowly causes our entire body to be poisoned by it. So this is what happens to our body …

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Do you suffer from stress all the time? Here’s what happens to your body every day

As we told you before, stress should be viewed as a poison that slowly eats you from the inside. Thus it will harm not only the psyche, but also the body, which in the long run begins to suffer from the most various problems. Problems that you may never attribute to stress. Among the most common and the most virulent that can arise are …

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  1. Headache, migraine and headache
  2. Hair loss, not the classic skin regeneration, but rather a significant loss of capillary mass
  3. Acne or psoriasis
  4. Insomnia is one of the main consequences of stress. The brain, which is no longer able to oxygenate the correct way, suffers from sleep, which creates a true vicious cycle.
  5. Heart problems. Stress and anxiety increase the heart rate, which puts the heart under great stress. In some cases, a heart attack can also occur.
  6. Fat accumulation
  7. Loss of sexual desire …

These are just some of the reasons why you need to be very careful about stress, which can easily affect our bodies. Not only mentally, but physically as well.

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