Do you receive anonymous calls? Find out who is calling you using this method

    Do you receive anonymous calls?  Find out who is calling you using this method

    Being inundated with anonymous calls is a real annoyance and can be a source of stress and anxiety. What if you had the ability to know who is calling you?

    Talking on the phone is a never-ending habit. Today it is certainly less widespread, thanks to the free messaging apps and many other communication systems that we have. But a nice phone call with friends of a lifetime to talk about this and that for hours is always a breath of fresh air. However, the phone can also become a source of stress and anxiety. Especially when we realize that we are inundated with unknown and unwanted calls.

    How to know who is calling you anonymously –

    There are many reasons why you might be receiving calls without knowing on the other end of the phone. Maybe it’s a joke in bad taste, someone targeted you and wants to push you. Or about call centers that anonymize behind calls without a dispatcher and many other reasons, from the most innocuous to the most dangerous. But everything will be easier if you can find out who is calling.

    Find out who is calling you anonymously with this foolproof trick

    From today possible! These are not particularly difficult methods and you certainly don’t need professional hacking skills to achieve success in the end To understand who is contacting us Continuously, but he does not want to reveal his identity. A little trick that everyone can try using their mobile phone, to finally say goodbye to receiving calls without knowing who is on the other side.

    Application to protect yourself from anonymous calls –

    All you have to do is download an app from your store. he is called Tellows You will recognize it by the blue icon with white and blue writing. Install it on your device to start using it. You can choose whether to use the free version, with fewer options, or pay a small amount and take advantage of the Premium subscription which will also allow you to block incoming calls from suspicious and unwanted numbers.

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    By activating the application, you will always know who is calling you, even if they choose to do so in anonymous mode. This is because the app keeps track of the caller id, i.e. caller address. It is also able to block suspicious numbers, call centers and all contacts that you want to block. If you know you have this problem, this is a great way to get rid of it quickly and without much effort.

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