Do you have slow wifi? ways to make it faster

    Do you have slow wifi?  ways to make it faster

    Is your Wi-Fi slow and having trouble surfing the Internet? Don’t worry, there are several ways to make your connection faster. Below we explain what the scams are.

    If you have opted for and want a high-speed internet connection, it is natural that you will always want fast and efficient Wi-Fi, but unfortunately this is not always the case. If your goal is to improve performance, then you absolutely need to know some ways to speed up your home connection and resolve any network related issue.

    The internet is all free

    We all know how annoying and nerve-wracking getting one can be Slow wifi connectionEspecially for those who work from home or need internet to study. In any case, before putting it out on the Internet, it is important to understand if the computer is working properly. If the answer is positive, then the nuisance depends on the Wi-Fi router and therefore it is necessary to dedicate oneself to solving the problem.

    The reasons for the Wi-Fi malfunction can be different, but in most cases the problem may be related to the phone company with which we signed the contract. In fact, the company may have hung up if the user skipped the installment payment. But if all bills are paid, try to solve this problem with 5 ways.

    Slow Wi-Fi, 5 ways to fix the problem

    After weeding out the most obvious potential reasons why your Wi-Fi may be slow, we need to evaluate five solutions that can make your connection slow. First you need to consider checking router locationIf the device is in an isolated area of ​​the house, it may have difficulty getting the line. The ideal thing is to find a central position to get the right signal, maybe away from other electronics and thick walls.

    To get maximum performance from your Wi-Fi network, it’s important to consider Wired connection via ethernet Through which it is possible to obtain the maximum speed and permanently archive the slowness. Also worth considering change channels To remove any kind of interference, especially if you live in buildings with many wireless lines. One solution is to leave the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies open if a dual-band router is present.

    The fourth tip is Avoid distraction If the goal is to get a faster and less slow Wi-Fi connection. This situation can happen to those who have home automation, basically those devices that can be operated from their smartphone. It is these that greatly interfere with the Internet line, so the best thing is to turn off those that you do not need. And don’t forget to password-protect your Wi-Fi network to prevent others from using it.

    The last tip is don’t forget to do a stretch updates If necessary, a method that allows the user to navigate not only faster and limit problems with slow Wi-Fi, but also with maximum security. Just like any other device such as a PC or a phone, a router can also be updated and running on the latest firmware version.

    It should be noted that there These tips to consider if your internet bill is too expensive. They are small tricks that will help families reduce their consumption and reduce part of their household expenses.

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