Do not refuel in this way, it can be very dangerous

    Do not refuel in this way, it can be very dangerous

    We’ve all done self-service refueling at least once, if not often, because with today’s high prices, you can save a lot.

    Be careful when refueling – GranTT

    However, there is a way to do it, which should be avoided completely as it can be dangerous.

    Most people have at least one car in the family because with today’s rhythms it becomes impossible to rely, in many cases, on public transportation. So it is necessary to refuel.

    There is no difference in petrol or diesel, because prices in both cases have gone up. In many cases, the amount is more than 2 euros per liter, which makes life impossible especially for those who go to work far from home, traveling kilometer after kilometer every day.

    Don’t refuel like this (GranTennisToscana)

    If we are in a big city, then we understand that using public transportation is a real problem. Take Rome, for example, to get from one part of the city to another by public transport it can take hours, so a car becomes a necessity.

    This is why we must be very careful to save as much as possible, avoiding that we find ourselves having to refuel directly at the service. In some cases, in fact, self-service costs even twenty cents less per liter, compared to a decidedly significant savings from every point of view. However, there are some things that must be followed to avoid finding ourselves facing problems that are bigger than ourselves.

    Here is the danger of getting gas alone

    Aside from the unavoidable risks, refueling yourself can be a hassle. First, we should have someone teach us how to do it if we’ve never done it, to avoid making mistakes. For example, if we pay with a debit card, we should know that we are the ones to stop paying. Or it must be specified that money should not be exaggerated because the risk of filling the tank and losing liters of petrol becomes significant. Obviously it must be specified that if we mix diesel and petrol we can destroy our car.

    Gasoline, don’t do it this way (GranTennisToscana)

    However, the first danger of self-service remains another. It becomes necessary to avoid refueling at night. This is because gas stations are often in isolated areas and few people pass by at night, with the risk that Thieves can wait at the gas station to attack us and take our belongings In the most serious cases, it may harm us. Inadequate lighting also results in not attracting attention thus leaving these criminals at work undisturbed. Not to mention paper reproduction which becomes a more tangible danger at night.

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