Djokovic has scored in the US Open, but cannot enter the United States

    Djokovic has scored in the US Open, but cannot enter the United States

    The tournament also allows those who have not been vaccinated against Covid to play, but the US government does not allow them to enter. Ivanisevic: “It’s easier for me to win the tournament than to play in New York”

    Are you not vaccinated? You can play the US Open, but you cannot enter New York. Unless you are a US citizen. Therefore, the latest US version confirms that Novak Djokovic (for the time being) will not be able to participate in the last Grand Slam of the season, starting from August 29, but only because he cannot set foot in the country. This is why the name of the former world number one, the new Wimbledon winner, still appears on the entry list for the tournament. “There are more chances that I will win the Umag tournament than Nol, who will play in the US Open,” Goran Ivanisevic said at the Croatian Championship Presentation Ceremony. “Not to be vaccinated was his decision and would not change his mind – as Ivanisevich said -,” said Ivanisevich. “The problem is also those who elected Novak as the leader of no Vax, which is absolutely incorrect, because he never wanted to influence anyone.”

    the petition

    Meanwhile, a signature campaign was launched on the US online platform to grant Nole an exemption: “There is absolutely no reason at this point in the pandemic not to allow Djokovic to play the US Open. The US government and the USTA must work together. To allow him to play. If unvaccinated American players can play, a sports legend should be able to do the same” is the text of the petition that has already collected 12,000 signatures.

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